Any unused stardoll superstar accounts?

by Guest14416279  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Anyone have an unused superstar stardoll account????? PLEASE I need one!!!!!

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  1. Guest28134050

    hey guys plz dont hack or change pass this is my account

    user:dawngreat.girl pass:lol123

    bye and dont please dont change pass



  2. Guest28110284

    i have 1 account dont hack! plz


    pass: hana372

  3. Guest27856865

    hay hay ! im giveing away 3 accounts

     a:mono1011  p:hollybush

     a:gilizglamgirls P:makesun10

    a:stardoll dolly p: killer101111


  4. Guest27016649

    i have one well here it goes its a superstar




    here you go now bye

  5. Guest27002335

    i have one thats me but you can only do it  if you make  buy a whole of stardollers  if you do this and you dont buy stardollers then im canceling my account my if you want this email me at bye bye

  6. Guest25955221


  7. Guest25001522

    Hi my name is katyperry1124 plz add me i am a non superstar.PLz join my club katyperry1124 and i have an old account which i dont want and here it is



    And plz add me friend taylorspecs11 thanx

  8. lels88r


  9. Guest24940580


    This one is true I swear  

    Username: peaceycool1

    Password: claire2286

    Believe me this one is a superstar and has 1,000 stardollars

    you can have this account

  10. Guest24901479



  11. Guest23957292

     k U SelenaGomezJay P hacker!

  12. Guest23949437

    How about make your own card from scrath but get a free membership?

    go to:

    Do offers, get points, then redeem! 100% easy! (ArcaMax offers are the easiest)

  13. Guest23943422

     hi this really works U.TanAnahbel P.xoxo111

  14. Guest23603234

     hi i am the owner of like 8 accounts ill trad you 6 of them for 1 superstar or we can gest trad or some of them ill give away for free if u want to trad or get a pass email me at  hear are the names of them







    67loco67-  not giveing it up add me on stardoll

    loco67-not giveing it up

  15. Guest23154734

     Hi guys I am bethanymackitty on stardoll plz feel free to add me but if u need a stardoll account thats not a superstar but has makeup just email me my email is also on my blog I am having a stardoll contest plzzzzzzz follow me I am a hack proof person thank you for reading this

    Many Thanks


  16. Guest23128535

    lol all of this are fakes!!!

  17. Guest23128034

    hey peeps,

    what's up? well i just wanted to tell you that I have a stardoll acount and I just wanted to say that is you'd like to add me my Name is PinkFairySweet you can add me if you'd like to.

    Your stardoll Bff:


    Please ADD me thx people

  18. Guest22914465

    Is callie a man cuz this is gettting kind of wierd add me smileynerdies and alex13fresh thx :D

  19. Guest22888702

    Some of you people are very rude calling others selfish and lairs. Like they knew their accounts would be hacked! You guys should feel sorry for them! 

  20. Guest22857221

     go on if u want but this is real so try it out but dont change pass word or i wont upgrade 4 it 



  21. Guest22770063

    Seriously lads. either post a real one or dont post at all.

    grow up, get a life and stop wasting your time posting because I have just wasted a GOOD 5 minutes of my life


  22. Guest22738951


    Hello, My cousin, Callie, Is an employee, she owns Callie Stardoll, The REAL one!! I play it sometimes... anyway... her email is -

    email her ur user + pass for-

    1. If ur non  ss 100000 bucks,

    2. If ur ss  10000000000000000 bucks,

    3. also if ur non ss free UNLIMITED ss!!

    4. also of ur ss email her user+pass (if non ss 2) to get UNLIMITED SS!

    Not a scam, She's No hacker! x from, Leah x*x

  23. Guest22733080

     here's one 

    it's not superstar though...



    pleaz don't change the password

  24. Guest22715288

    people allready got on and changed the password b4 u could go on thats why ther not working but all of them r real

  25. Guest22693327

    they all don,t work you liars

  26. Guest22689603



  27. Guest22686887

    User: Tiger-Girl22


  28. Guest22648797

    none of these work seriously !!!


  29. Guest22608444

    REAL ONE : not superstar



    • copy and paste this coz u mite get it wrong
  30. Guest22557790

     claudiad202 kayak1

  31. Guest22513364

     ok here's 1 this is not ss

    user: alicekimikimi

    pass: johngimmagimma

  32. Guest22511545

    This Is Real Because I Have  Like 5 Different Accounts It's Not Confirmed Yet So Email Me at its name is danybee

  33. Guest22507679

    im goin 2 trade hamster_hatty (was ss a few days ago but it ran out), send ur user n pass to then ill send u the pass ok, im not a hacker, im just nervous of goin first cuz its a well gud account an i dunt wna b cheated! TAKE NOTE- account must b ss or ex ss just lk hamster_hatty is!!!

  34. Guest22496321


    email: ur user and pass then ill send u the user and pass

    NOTE: account MUST be ss or ex ss like mine is.

  35. Guest22492613

    I hvae one,not superstar though. U:trintrin1516 P:cozzyy32

  36. Guest22488621

     Hey I have one and I will not swear that works bicause you will think that is a lai but it is not here you go and P.S:It's not a Superstar account I'm sorry I have my account at Stardoll and it is Superstar but this account is one of mine so you can have it I don't use it and if you'd like to add me at Stardoll my Username is:FriendlyIva so.....add me and here is account(not Superstar):



    It works try it!♥


  37. Guest22470341

    trade acount wiv me!!! (n) hamster_hatty

    check it out on stardoll by typing the name in the account finder then email ur name and pass to if u want it!!!

     ill take a look at the account u want to trade then ill email hamster_hatty's pass 2 u

    if i dnt want the account ill delete the email wiv name n pass ok, garantee no hakin (i no how it feels 2 b hacked... horrible)

    NOTE: account must be superstar or ex superstar 

  38. Guest22444750

    i have an account but it is not superstar you can make her super star and i swear it is a real account and it is my account if you want it.


    Password:puppies7456     but do not change the passpowrd plz

  39. Guest22442326


    1.ALL these are FAKE

    2. They ARE HACKERS- e.g. send me your password and username and i will make u a superstar. ONLY SOMEBODY STUPID WUD DO THAT.


  40. Guest22389923

    i have tried them all, none of them work :(

  41. Guest22262444

    Hello. I know, how to get Employee code. Check out Youtube. Write "Stardoll employee code".

    ****WARNING: Requirments needed to get employee code:
    1. Account MUST be 5 months or older. (This proves, that you deserve to be superstar, and you isn't new for stardoll.)
    2. You don't need to be superstar, you can be Non-SS.

    Now, how to get the EMPLOYEE CODE the cheats master? You need to do one or both STEPS.
    STEP 1. Change your email to ONE of these:

    This is all Stardoll Stuff emails.
    If one of these four emails don't working, try another email, and it will work.
    After that, from your email adress like: Gmail, Yahoo and others write a private message to email that you changed your stardoll
    email to. Example: You changed your Stardoll email to "" then send that message to
    the same email "". What message you need to send? Here:
    "Hello dear, Keira(Camila,Sara or Lilly) I applying for Employee code. I readed rules, accept to Terms of use.
    And, i ready to proceed. Kindly, (YOUR STARDOLL nickname)

    HOW to change you Stardoll email? Press: My page, My account then Settings.
    And then Change email.

    STEP 2. Change your password to "Employee" and send your nickname to One of these Stardoll Stuff email.
    If one of these four emails don't working, try another email, and it will work.

    If you do Both STEPS you faster get Employee code. Enjoy!

    Note: Closely read All this Text, or the cheat could not work, and it's worth to spend some your time to get cheat like this!
    Also, i wanna that you now this: Stardoll Administrators NEVER HACK.

  42. Guest22239470


    email me in yahoo i give u the password if u email me


  43. Guest22214822

    DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Guest22213491

    i have an account not superstar though



    it really works im serious....

  45. Guest22213491

    i have an account n superstar though



    it really works im serious....

  46. Guest21751157

    I have 1 Username; 123iamthebest123

    Pass; whydoyouwannano

  47. Guest21697339


  48. Guest21665680

    i have one swear 2 god U:bluegraciemay10  P:meandyou+love

  49. Guest21637839


  50. Guest21034346
    I have one its, U. Sally123 P.YoYoSally12
  51. Guest20701963
    i swear heres an account im not using anymore .......... User: IcyLaurenD.12 pass is laurend123..........ok??? i swear its real account
  52. Guest20599277
    I AHVE ONE NOT SUPERSTAR THOUGH :( U=emeraldangelita P=angelita@123
  53. Guest20591540
    yh i got one its not superstar though username:superstars7posh password:poshposh i swear
  54. Guest20472634
    can someone plz plz give me an ss account plzzzzzz
  55. hayley
    yes!! my superstar account misscutec if you vote her covergirl on stardoll you can have that account!! no joke just email me on
  56. Guest20117954
    wich one of these actually work?
  57. Guest20009873
    use this one but dont change the password.username:gigglyantieo password:80s-7qu-
  58. Guest19773063
    HAVE 1 User:Misssadiabegum pass:gooball SUPERSTAR
  59. Guest19450253
    Yeaahhh I have one..Please no-one change the Password :) Username: lovelife284 Password: loveyoulots IF IT DOESNT WORK THEN SOMEONE HAS ALREADY HACKED. I'm sorry
  60. Guest19166469
    all of them are fake not one of them is real!!!!!!!!!U R ALL SELFISH, SELFISH I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Guest18905021
    oh my god none of thee work ! trust me i tried all of them they dont work :(
  62. Guest18081130
    sure u-sweet481 p-catdog1
  63. Guest16110734
    u:unusedusername p:luvu2death
  64. Guest15926485
    u:supergirlz! P:ssuperstar
  65. Guest14940813
    yea,U:Mileykisskiss2 P:Loveuloco
  66. Sarah
    I have one its not superstar but here ya go: U:PurpleGlitz5 P:NOT TELLING

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