Any hot 13 or 12 year old single girls

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Any hot 13 or 12 year old single girls

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  1. Guest28452158

     hey im looking for a person to talk to and tell jokes and also get to know I might be a little fat but not you know hat I mean dm me


  2. Guest28446728



  3. Guest28446524

     Hi! I am not really hot but I am decent and I love playing volleyball and doing other activities... I am pretty skinny and I have Brown hair and brown eyes...Oh and I am 12 yrs old....Please skype me if you are interested..@2005apfitzner


  4. Guest28443545


     hey um... I'm not exactly hot but I'm cute and I enjoy arts and crafts and I love animals and dream to be a professional mermaid ( search it on Google)




  5. Guest28441729


     Heyy, my name is Mac I'm recently single and ready to mingle. I'm a very active person. I'm involved with baseball, basketball, volleyball, and track. I have a great personality, I'm smart, funny, athletic, lovable, caring, and loyal. I'm looking for someone who lives near me, is hot, loving, and tall. BTW I'm 13 and I live in Wisconsin.....I'm homo 


  6. Guest28431346

    Hey there I am 13 I am nice, funny and I live in minesota. I am looking for a partner that will like me for who I am. I am bisexual so gender I dont care. I am not a  girly girl , and the age is 13 - 15 for who I will date. <3

  7. Guest28427585

     I have Snapchat @bradyn_Albright. I have abs and am getting stronger. I play hockey and I am 12.

  8. Guest28427585

     I'm a 12 year old boy. I play hockey and I want to meet some of you. I have abs and am trying to get stronger.

  9. Guest28425259


    I'm 12

    I'm a little chubby

    Looking for a 13 year old

    I like girls that are ther self









  10. Guest28422529


     I don't have Snapchat but I have Instagram?


  11. Guest28415978

     Hey, my name is Ella Davenport. I'm 13 years old almost 14, and I'm looking for a bf. I love Basketball and Football. I need a kind, cute, funny, and tall boyfriend. Text me on snapchat: ellawanatee123 if your interested

  12. Guest28362789

     Im dawson ,Im a youtuber by the name of enderbrah and I swim nationally for Trinidad and Tobago,I like to play games and Im 50% strong from my maximum strength also I make music on tobu in youtube.One more thing.Im 12.!



  13. Guest28344004

     My name is kaidan I'm a boy and I'm single I'm skiney althetic play basketball football and lacrosse    And I'm 12 year old looking for hot girls  My number is 717-887-7185 txt me


  14. Guest28329458

     guest2814703  have a face book if u are still singol


  15. Guest28329433

     hi my name is dennis weaver i have a face book the pitcher is a falcon to find me  hi am a boy looking for a girl that is hot smart and pritty i like to go hunting fishing walks and swimme and shoot guns

  16. Guest28329054

     I'm josh 12 years old brown hair and I love reptiles break dancing and I make music on youtube 

  17. Guest28324315

     where do you live



  18. Guest28323254

     hi i am kaylee im 12 im looking for a boy age 12-14 they need to be nice and cute i have long blonde hair im a cheerleader and i have blue eyes my number is 512-364-2440 so text me 

  19. Guest28305497
    any girls that are 13 or 14 text me @ 678-908-0194 any girl will do but a hot girl with black or brown hair
  20. Guest28305493
    any girls that are 13 or 14 text me @ 678-908-0194 any girl will do but a hot girl with black or brown hair
  21. Guest28281796

    <p>&nbsp;I'm Aaron and 12 almost 13, looking for a girlfriend who is kind, cute, and has a sense of hunor</p>

  22. Guest28269029

     hey my name is Brandon I'm 11 and I have chestnut colored hair and I am looking for a girl 10-12 so yea e-mail me at or text me at 2528649380

  23. Guest28265374
    Im 5'4 I have brown hair and brown eyes, I play volleyball, softball, and soccer. Im 13 and need a bf for me or my friend Email:
  24. Guest28264630

     Meee 856 217 1435



  25. Guest28264534

    I  am 13 year old boy looking for a gf with a good personality and cute

    skype: Live:mine_tertul facebook: Jack desvaux







  26. Guest28260366
    13 and single
  27. Guest28258819

     I'm a 12 year old girl, almost 13, and just looking for some hot guys to snapchat❤️ Snap:emmacanty12 I'm really athletic, and I'm really pretty

  28. Guest28247859

    I'm a boy





  29. Guest28247859

     Hey I'm 13 play football, and baseball. I'm good at both. My Skype name is titanturtle2



  30. Guest28245499

    i amm 

  31. Guest28232813

     My iMessage is


  32. Guest28232812

     I am 13 nice play football live in Delmont fun and kind my Instagram is Everlasthitman and snapchat is Everlasthitman 

  33. Guest28232810

     hi i am dustin. i am 14 years old. looking for a gf. my instagram is licnud_nitsud. follow me if ur single and want a bf if u are a girl. cause im not g@y.

  34. Guest28165414
    Hi my name is Alex I love sport singing and dancing. I play bball softball and swimming. I got long black and I love boys who are sweet, funny, and cute. my snapchat is Alexboss12
  35. Guest28162417

     Hey  Ian great looking and single 

  36. Guest28161871

     Hey will u date me I love baby 

  37. Guest28161539

     Im a 11 year old s**y kid I play bball, star qb  looking for a hot chick

  38. Guest28160909

     Plz add me on skype I'm 12 looking for a girl pro basketball player and love watching movies I so want to know you you are the girl of my dreams

    skype name michel.rozenbahs

    instagram michaelspray91

  39. Guest28160909

     Any cute girls around I'm looking for a gf -11-13 years old im hot

    play profesional basketball in 6 years I will play in the nba  

    I have the eyes of the wolf

    my skype is michel.rozenbahs call me and add me

    instagram michaelspray91

  40. Guest28159949

     Hey my name is Emily I'm 12 years old and love animals, sports, and the movies. I'm looking for a guy from the USA. I'm really pretty and I would like for this guy to be sweet, kind, loving and like the movies. I'm looking to help the world and any child abuse. I really look forward to some replies to the comment. Btw I'm not a girly girl

  41. Guest28159132
    i am not those ages but I am 11 are ucute?
  42. Guest28159130
    I'm a 13 year old boy I play basketball and I like movies and music and I'm looking for a girl
  43. Guest28155932

     I'm hot


  44. Guest28151871


  45. Guest28149457

     Hey👋 I'm a 13 yr old girl. I have brown hair, green eyes. Looking for a guy 13-15.  I like to run, play soccer, and do anything outside! Love to watch movies and just have a good time. Any boy interested my instagram is _alayna_b 

  46. Guest28148232

     Hey, i'm looking for a 12 - 14 year old boy that won't cheat on me

  47. Guest28147031
    Hi (: Im a 13 year-old girl who's single. Anyone have Facebook ?
  48. Guest28146454

     I need a gf who. Is herself idc about hight i want someone who will love me any takers im 13 a boy very athletic my name is dakota i play football soccer basketball track and boxing my kik is dakotaburleson13 my snapchat is dakotaburleson

  49. Guest28144890

     I'm a 12 year old girl. I'm a brunette and I have brown eyes. I also run track and I'm 5'4. I live near LA and I prefer guys 13-14 : )

  50. Guest28140915

     i 12 year old boy look for anice and fun girl i have black hair  haze eyes  and   5 foot and 6inches



  51. Guest28137548
    ya im 12 and single and looking if ur still open id like to get 2 kno u
  52. Guest28135753

     I'm 12 and I just want a girl that is here self . I'm kind of short I have blonde hair and sometimes blue eyes

  53. Guest28131659
    Hey, I am a 12 year old girl and I play volleyball. I have blondish brownish redish hair (my hair changes each day) I have blueish greenish eyes, 5'6 and yeahhhh. :)
  54. Guest28107199


  55. Guest28080288

     hay i would love to be your girl i am 12and have green eyes brown blond hair 5foot 4 inc skiney not to skiney i look like a stick but a hot skiney way 

  56. Guest28074286

     i want a girl who is just HERSLEF

  57. Guest28035708

    im looking for a girl that will love me and not cheat on me


  58. Guest27882597

    if you want a country boy here i am


  59. Guest21424166
    Why u askin u Noe girls r gnna thnk ur a perv and that ur 20 or sumtin

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