Any fun websites for girls who are pre teens

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Any fun websites for girls who are pre teens. i'm looking for non gaming related sites for girls under 15. i have lot of time on my hand and it would be nice to find some cool sites to share it with my friends. anything would do as long as it is fun and cool for pre teen girls.

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  1. liza amelia

    Creating a website for teenage girls can be a challenging and fun experience. This is a project that you can undertake with a daughter or granddaughter or you can simply do it yourself. Keep in mind that you will be creating something to entertain and enlighten teenage girls while you make your website.

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  3. Guest28118849

    age (12)  www.wooz very fun age 12 im ,12 I love it

  4. Guest28105657










  5. Guest28087124




  6. buyme222

    input this URL:

    ( )

    you can find many cheap and high stuff

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  7. Guest27421178

    hey, since im 12, i say try :

    its AWESOME!! although things get crazy between the vips and the non vips, its pretty good. TRY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Guest27307540

    Ever heard of its a fun website

  9. Guest25004636

    I would try smallworlds it's a virtual world full of 13 year olds and up but some are 10 and's fun. Or girlsense you design chothes bags and more and make boutiques and shop talk make friends.

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  14. Guest24781810

    i am a 12 year old gurl and i say: and is the best website

    holla back b*****s

  15. Guest24299536

    i would give out: since i am 11:

    hope this answered ur question.

  16. ZZ

    Some of the best websites for teen age girls are as under: ,,,,,,and lastly
    hope that answered your question!:)

  17. Guest23125114

    Websites for 10.....03332467669.03422208412.26.MARCH.2011

  18. Guest22776979

    why don't u try I,m ot sure if it suitable but it is quite fun..

  19. Guest22730002

    Try missoandfriends. It has a mesage board where you ask questions, games, contests, and more! It's so fun!

  20. Guest22729472

    l**k Christian,Danie,Espin,Bryan,Ryan,Chalie,Kendra,Caylee,Leo,Tyler,Jordan,Mush,Jimmy,Neithen, and Tyreks face!!!lol

    p.s. there annoying!

  21. Guest22729472
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  22. Guest22629315

    Try I've been hooked since I found it 2 years can make your own little avatar, draw, make diaries, clubs, contests about ANYTHING, and find friends. It's also comepletely anonymous unless you tell people info about yourself. I wouldn't recomend it for kids under 12 because there can be some inapropriate things. You have the freedom to do basically whatever you want. At LEAST go to the website and check it out(:

    Also if anyone makes an account I'm boycrazy_catz126.

    Other fun websites I've liked are (make an avatar and explore the world), (for writers), (make your own blog), and (has links to hundreds of pointless, time-consuming, EXTREMELY entertaining websites).

  23. Guest22515234

    go on! This website is for those who love video games and zelda!

  24. Guest22476501

     Yeah DO try it is really fun.

  25. Guest22470008 is good my Dad's GIRLFRIEND who  I HATE made it 




  26. Guest22470008

    My mum is making a website for girls when she is finshed I will tell the website all i know its called Rocket Girls and Igot  to test the games.

    You sign up, Have a Profile, Play Games and a Chatting Room and More... 

    Am just promting it and just trying help you guys !

    From Rachel Robin

  27. Guest22462129

    Im looking for a new site too but my favorite site is but if u sign up u should get fantage chat because it is better. 

  28. Guest22212170

     hi  i  kown  lots  coolcamles  club  pengin moris  monster   buildabearvill and  smallworlds and   facebook   is  there  eny  kids  witting  who are  litte

  29. Guest22198965

    try  :)

  30. Guest22141474

    :) its my fav website i got hooked on!!! you should too!!!!

  31. Guest21942522

    Check out -- fun, intelligent quizzes for teen girls about everything.



  32. Guest21938031

    try this website called it fun


  33. Guest21924281

    Well i am 11 yrs old wouldnt come up and half of these websites are to babyish                   

    Oh anad are there any games like imvu but 4 kidz

  34. Guest21897343 is an amazing website for all ages!

  35. Guest21836312

    oh great i think i accidentally entered that 3 times... :(

  36. Guest21836312

    i actually also made my own website...

    its a website for ppl who love animals :)

  37. Guest21836312

    almost everyone is making their own website...

    i actually made 1 too...  its a website for all animal lovers :)


  38. Guest21836312

    almost everyone is making their own website...

    i actually made 1 too...  its a website for all animal lovers :)


  39. Guest21686727

    if your 12 you can create a facebook. If not

  40. Guest20859648
    meez but make sure your 13 or it wont let you on if u curse you will be kicked out and make sure if u get banned dont get banned again like me lol behave lol
  41. Guest20611138
    i like and if you like to make clothes and are artistic. if you want to chat and be in modeling shows CAN be fun sometimes.that is really all i can hink of besides and but those you have to download...
  42. Guest20496572

    A good one is Hope you like it! :-)

  43. Guest20496572

    A good one is Hope you like it! :-)

  44. Guest20431935

    um, as soon as i made an account on i was hooked to it! i havent been able to go on any other website! on kupika, you get to make your own character...then you go to explore, make enw friends, make oekakis (drawings that everyone can see0, write a diary entry, make a new club,do contests, chat with other people! in my opinion, kupika was one of the best websites ever! other sites i know are

  45. Guest20373639 disney channel

  46. Guest20359456
    you could try its pretty fun and you can meet new friends and socialize with other players ( of which ther are many) you get to have your own house and you can customize your player in the game. i think it is pretty fun.
  47. Guest20319301
  48. Guest20273966

    You could try

  49. Guest20243343
  50. Guest20243105
    well there is meez .com and imvu and secret lifr these are all pg 13
  51. Guest20189635
  52. Guest20032898
    sry don't have any websites but us girls meed a website that is fun and yet able to move ur character around and change the outfits i mean that's wat i'm looking for i mean some time i'm alway bored and i try to fin websites like that plus i'm 12
  53. Guest20031860
    try you make your own person then travel through unreal amazing places and you can funny costumes 2 put on your character
  54. Guest20004061
    seriosly!!!!!!!!!!!!i've tryed all of theys websites and there all STUPID!there was 2 i liked but they didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS ALOT!!
  55. Guest19918978
    yes there is a site called
  56. Guest19903812
    Well I used to play on a website called It's really fun, you get to earn money, buy stuff, post on the forums, join contests, join groups, and make friends! And you can change the settings so that only ceratin people can send you messages or follow you into's really fun and free!
  57. Guest19900219
    Hey im 11 and i need some good websites any any ideas?
  58. Guest19884122

    Yes!!! I would totally suggest my own website, It's all about taking care of the environment, recycling, and having fun. You can learn new eco tips, relate to other teens around the world, and make the world a better place all at the same time. Please, please please visit my website and post a comment on the message board. It would mean a lot to me:)

  59. Guest19744703
    I would suggest and they r awsome websites!! Hpoe u like them 2!!!
  60. Guest19728984
    i just turned 12 and i love or maybe
  61. Guest19711483
    i need a for website for pre-teen girls
  62. Guest19693143 this is my website so i hope you like it!
  63. Guest19607593 Click that to go to an AWESOME website called Cartoon Doll Emporium! You can write blogs, dress up cartoon dolls, chat with friends, have a store of items, dress up your avatar and sooo much more!! :D If you join find a user called 4_All_Boys and that's me :) Hope this helps!!!

  64. Guest19551116 like facebook but safer) social site) with strangers)
  65. Guest19532072
    um i go on something called its fun. there is also pixiehoollow charmgirlclub girlsense
  66. Guest19511561
    I'm 12 and I like dolls, and fashion, and cooking and stuff like that... how about something a little bit more intellectual and productive for girls!
  67. Guest19450417
    ppl 11 year olds are to young for myspace and facebook and twiter anything like those are not to safe because anyone can come in and act like a child or anyone else they would like to be clubpenguin is ok sometimes but give more fun and non babyish websites girlsense is not fun and moshi monsters is like made for 7 year olds girls this is a point of view from an 11 year old so i understand perfectly
  68. Guest19329118 you can email the person and she will help you with what ever you need if you are a boy no problem there is a boy who will help you also there email is on the website

  69. Guest19264835
    u should check out
  70. Guest19220263

  71. Guest19201465

    Try this games below,,,,,,

    Now click those games u want to play...

  72. Guest19189931

    Try this game,its awesome u can chat ur friends and make some friends! please dont put ur thumbs down

  73. Guest19125181 it's a great website.
  74. Guest19124920
    im a pre teen girl i hate all of the websites that evrybody is saying about I hate,,,webkinz and all the babyish stuf that evrybody LOVES.(im riting this w/pride)can u ppl just give a non kiddish website thats not stupid!!! :( :(
  75. Guest19099280 is very fun!=)
  76. Guest19088439
    well there's girlsgogames barbie girls (11+)
  77. Guest18989022

    Well im a p*****n and i like  american (just for the quizzes)!!!! I HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE OUT!

  78. Guest18925528
    idk but i bet if u go on yahoo answers ur gonna find something
  79. Guest18709363

    hi is a great one for girls any age!you create your own model and then buy clothes for it play games and much much more!

  80. Guest18399856

    My kids love Especially good site for 5 to 15 yr olds. They have games, avatar dress up, home decorations, and pets. My kids really love the pets.

  81. Guest17910075

    I like its fun and you get to play games. The only bad thing is that if you want to turn older then 13 you have to pay. In the game you start at age 10 and become older by playing really fun mini games. When you play the mini games you earn age points(which help to grow older) and spenders(you can use to buy things like clother and furnature). You get to decorate your room when you turn 11 ad get a pet when you turn 12. Both boys and girls play the game.You can private chat to your friends or just chat outloud.If you are a member you can throw parties.You can go to your friends parties and have fun.There are tons of placs to go and explore.You can meet others,shop,play games,decorate your room,or help people with stars over their head for lots of money and age points.Hope I helped!!!

  82. Guest17703269

    Try this website: it is really cool for pre-teens.

  83. Guest17396494 It's a website for girls ages 9 - 15. You can post your own "how to" guides pertaining to anything (boys, fashion, school, etc.) and learn from other users. A great way to learn some cool new stuff.

  84. Guest17293860

    I play on this wesite a lot. It's I also really like Even if you don't like dolls it's an AWESOME website!! Try these!!

  85. Guest16784849
    the best websites are and
  86. Guest16600437


  87. Guest16288303
    missbimbo is a good one. Looks childish but is really fun and addicting! :-)
  88. Guest16222446

    I know this might not help but there is a chat column that supports the world. Here`s the url.

  89. Guest16163851

    maybe you could try this

  90. Guest16152149
  91. Guest16148409

  92. Guest15778021
    anyone gona awnser cause i dont care if you get up in my face. and i mean it?
  93. Guest15778021
    this website sound cool
  94. Guest15732940

    Here's the link

  95. Guest15732940
    There's a new website called http://Mirand's it's really awesome
  96. Guest15632556
    you can always try
  97. Guest15512601
    try face book today befor u go to school
  98. Guest15382140
  99. Guest15271938
    you can make a facebook or a myspace don't make a twitter because they can track you down
  100. Guest15245160

    im a p*****n who is asking te same questoin and all i get from the computer is club pinguin and baby stuff like that so i think you should go to you can actully grow to sixteen just by erning points

  101. Guest15020167
    There really aren't any but we have to really look so we don't run into the crazy but, cute boys. Anyway i think someone should create one just for girls.we all have to keep looking and stay in touch.
  102. Guest15012625
    i usually use millsberry, cyberteens, and whyville. whyville is by far my favorite. and i'm 15. millsberry is a site i used when i was younger but they have some tite games. hope this helped
  103. Guest14975528 for this website you need 2 type n webkinz on google and then click the 1 that says dress up game for girls or somthing like that.

  104. Guest14947624
    also tons of games and to user: Guest13543691 that was disgusting.
  105. Guest14947624
    to user : Guest13583673 i use habbok it is a big virus for ur computer but i still go one username: -=Juiceebox=- add me sometime kayy and i suggest: you actually create your own clothing you can cut things color things it very detailed and fun! also try hope i helpe ty bye!
  106. Guest14920356

  107. Guest14821414
    try my couzin made it all there is is games
  108. Guest14809650

    Yes!!! I would totally suggest my own website, It's all about taking care of the environment, recycling, and having fun. You can learn new eco tips, relate to other teens around the world, and make the world a better place all at the same time. Please, please please visit my website and post a comment on the message board. It would mean a lot to me:)

  109. Guest14610408

    Go on its a gr8 website 4 girls 9-13

  110. Guest14601288

    yes go to

  111. Guest14370068
    kidzworld is a fun websites for gurls is a bouys so this isnt a babyiosh its like a myspace for kids get boys there s**y
  112. Guest14199720
    Umm, lets see have you tried: (fun websites) (virtual worlds for anyone) (Virtual worlds for 13 and older) I hoped this helped!
  113. Gabriela

    You have to try

  114. Guest14054307
    some are: (But you have to download it)
  115. Guest13871036
    moshi monsters is ok i am on it its fun from myah (my-a) age 13
  116. Guest13810077

    u can try dress up games and action games also

  117. Guest13735496
    I would say, myspace girlgames4u girlsgamesclub i-dressup stardoll girlsgogames moshimonsters miniclip 2D games
  118. Guest13735065
  119. Guest13629716
    try and myspace if you are 14 and up
  120. Guest13583673
    im 10 and i go on it is really fun
  121. Guest13543528 i love it.u can have a boyfriend and an apartment and it is defitly not babyish.
  122. Guest13535724 its awlsome i go there
  123. Guest13374306 for sure! It's the best website ever!! The avatar is soo cute. The best thing is....we can be VIPs by paying using iCoins (i-Dressup's currency)!

  124. Guest13198539
    go to
  125. Guest13158364

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  126. Guest13155729
    well h**l this is all babyish now in days but go to or . net ill cheak
  127. Guest12958647
    IDK if dis is babyish but im 10 and u can go to or
  128. Guest12958647
    im 10 ad u can go to
  129. Guest12954678
    u can try
  130. Guest12823031
    well websites i like are. . . . GARDENPARTY.COM 123PEPPY.COM FOOPETS.COM
  131. Guest12780788
  132. Guest12654878

    Hi, I'm II and LOVE to play on

  133. Guest12616974
    Im a p*****n and I LOVE and
  134. Monkey

    why not join facebook or for a better site not facebook or bebo or myspace or even twitter it is its cool theres also  FBFKidscom for kids. all i said has chat rooms and add friends upload videos and ect. it so cool

  135. Guest12469014
    well there is .... (will need downloads) habbo hotel wee world and if ur 14 myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. Guest12406500
    well there r alot but the only 1 i can think of is
  137. aliya
    i m teen & i usually use facebook & its really cool web try it out!!!
  138. Guest12236187

    Try Its really cool, I know. I hoped I was able to help you out.

  139. Guest12202470
    Try It is based completely on preteens, with games, music, polls, and much, much more for p*****n girls!
  140. Guest11998773 and are fun sometimes
  141. Guest11971049

  142. Guest11870453 moshimonsters i no all these websites sound pretty stupid but there cool i love top go on them all the time i hope they will help
  143. Guest11805929
    Hey there is always or If you are just looking for games to play go to it is the funnest ever for games. From, Hailey Girl
  144. Guest11755824
    Some really good websites r,,,, i hope these helped!
  145. Guest11711451
    yeah,just go 2 you should find at least 1 game there.
  146. Guest11421837
    i-dressup !! u can send messages play dress up games and create an avatar
  147. Zak
    runescape- if you want to get addictive && maplestory by nexon. two decent games, both free to download & play.
  148. Guest11374737
    Theres actually alot of websites I have like where u have too create a house and a store and just hope other users drop by and buy stuff and u can watch actual movies at the cinema there Im 12 and I LOVE IT!!
  149. Guest11335606
  150. Guest11225514 It just got started, and new ideas/articles are being added every day. We love it!

  151. Guest11100656
    I think,,,,,, and!! I am almost 13 and I think all of those r amazing websites!!
  152. Guest11087217

  153. Guest10964267
    i don't really know much about finding webs and stuff but just go on google and they have the most awesome stuff there
  154. Guest10906248
    weeworld, gaia online, habbo hotell, etc.
  155. Guest10755799
    are there any cool websites for 10 year old girls
  156. Guest10555124
    Try it is like a dress up game but its not babyish you make an avatar then create a boutique and design clothes.
  157. Guest10487015

    Try It sounds weird, but it is a family-friendly website for girls about 11-14 years of age. She can play games, invite friends and send messages. There are also activities that she can compete in with her group to win a small prize, but mostly for fun. She should really try it because it is appropriate but fun for her age.

  158. Guest10434444
    try its really fun. idk if you would think its babyish but im 12 and i love it

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