Any Jobs for 12-13 year olds?

by Guest5808  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Any Jobs for 12-13 year olds? I'm broke. my wallet is empty because the only money I get is from birthdays and Christmas etc. any ideas for jobs with kids my age? It used to be the newspaper delivery jobs but these days all of those are all but gone.

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  1. Guest28135564
    my name is Jade I am 12 years old I would love to work with animals or children I very good with them when I am older I would love to be a vet .babysitter .dog walker .work in kfc or burger king .cleaner

  2. Guest28102432

    ask old people to clean there house

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  4. Guest27822766


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  5. Mcmartin smith

    I am apply for the Job and do not know that job may be avialable or not.

  6. Guest27317314

    Guest24977037 just f*****g pissed me off. I'm 12 and I can defend myself just fine. I defended myself from being raped twice by my dad and his friend. This just proves kids don't need to listen to their parents. --I--

  7. Guest26754795

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  8. Guest25921546

     im 13 i need a job im wont to get a good job in kitchener. i can do lots of construckshon and lawn work. go to jojo young on fb.

  9. Guest24977037

    hi guys iam 12 too and i have always been seeking a job since i was 11 and that has never worked out for me and throught that my parents have taught me that youngsters like us our lives can not be trusted by any stranger especially if they are too nice u just cant trust and i know you think were adults but in the strangers eyes we are weak youngsters that cant defend ourselves so dont give out emails phone numbers on this site i know what iam telling you make the right desicion good luckkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lyls42

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  11. Guest24537466

    hello i am only 13 and i am looking for a job i hate being inside all and would like to get out there and get a job please help!!
    thank you x

  12. Guest23880154

    im chloe im 12 years old and im looking for a job im willing to vouleenteer for any job as long as i dont get any less than £5.00 an hour i neeeeeeeeed money quickly to help mi parents out and to carry on with going shopping with mi friends if u want me to help u email me on

  13. Guest23603253

    hi im 11 if anyone has any ideas for jobs i could do or things i could sell to make money that would be great i live in missouri my email is please email me some job i could do or something i could make and sell i really would like something simple i could make and sell thanks in advance :)

  14. Guest23423519

    When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I lived in a poor, rough neighborhood in a big city.  All of my friends and I managed to get jobs that most of us worked at through high school.  We would look for a store owner who got a large delivery of merchandise and offer to help unload the truck for a dollar.  We would look for sidewalks that were covered with snow (in the wintertime) or yards that needed to be mowed or weeded (in the summertime) and offer to take care of it for a dollar or two (depending on how big the job was),  Once I even saw a house painter who had 500 pounds of paint, ladders, scaffolds, and other gear to carry up five stories of stairs to paint an apartment.  I offered to help him for five dollars and he was thrilled.  All of these store owners, homeowners, and that painter subsequently learned to like the work I did and would track me (or sometimes even my parents) down when they needed something done and offer to pay me for it.  I was soon averaging about ten dollars a week (which was a fortune, after having survived on five cents every two weeks allowance) and kept working for the same people through high school.  As I got older and stronger, they called on me for bigger and heavier jobs and paid me more.  They also told friends and neighbors about me and soon people that we didn't even know would stop my mother on the street and ask her if I would mow their lawn for a couple of dollars. 

  15. Guest23423339

    hi i am ieasha jones and i am 12 years olds and i am  look for parents that need a babysitter if need a babysitter i live in tallahassee fl,  and i charged $3 per hour if need me call 850-879-4441

  16. Guest23364917

    I am very interested in having a job for the summer, I am 13 years old, naturally gifted in sports, etc I am an overacheiver in most subjects but I am generally looking for a physical job, (hopefully not heavy lifting).

    I live in Essex, London, England  and my Summer Holidays start in late july and end in early september.

  17. Guest23354414

    Hi my name is Kourtney Rollins, I live in Grambling,LA ,I'm 12 years old , and I am looking for a job. So if you're hiring ,or looking for a new 12 year old employee ,I would be happy to apply and start working. I'm not looking for any specific job. I will take what you give me. I have self-control , and I am a smart , talented hardworker. I am looking for a summer job within the Ruston,LA and Grambling,LA area. I am in the 8th grade. I've just passed 7th grade this passed school year of 2010-2011 with a 4.0 GPA.                                                                                                                                       So please if you're hiring email me at or                                       call my cell at 318-533-4782

  18. Guest23154405

    I am 12 years old and I am looking for a job tutoring. My specialties are math, reading, and spelling. Wed.-Fri. $2 per hour if interested please  e-mail me at

  19. Guest17796445
    I'm Sophie Gilmour I am 12 years old I live in Northern Ireland and I really need a job as I am fed up asking my mum for money 24/7 it's just not right!!! I'm always going shopping or on trips and holidays and stuff and want my OWN money to do this... Like there is a school trip coming up soon to MAnchester it's not THAT exspensive but it's still alot and I would also need spending money! I would like to do something like a Waitress or just something like that (I do modellling, acting, singing (Musical Theatre, ballet, and Hip-Hop) so if there was in jobs to do with that, that would be great!!!! Contact me on ::: ... Thank_You P.S if any Sado's email/add me i will SUE you!!! Love You's x*x
  20. Guest17658111
    I reslli need a job i am 12 years old i need money now i need know clothes i do disco dacing and need money for it my mum and dad help a lot but i cant keep going to them soo pleasee any jobs please email mee on thank you xx
  21. Guest17493434
    well im 12 and i do car washes and selling candy
  22. Guest17490781
    well..... yea there is all sorts of jobs that you can do like... babysitting chores helping out neighbors and thats all i can think of but there really isn't that many good jobs a 12 or 13 year old can get at a young age!!!!
  23. Guest17461265
    I need a job badley so i can get a head start on a job for future life
  24. Guest17314866
    yea because i realy need money. im am 12 years old
  25. Guest17246226
    I sooo need a job too i'm 13 i want top babysit i even have my license :) but if you need a baby sitter and live around Freeport and can drop your kid off contact me at 1815-821-3064 if you can't i can go to your house if you live out of Freeport you'll have to drop them off with me...
  26. Guest17173976
    im 13 going on 14 n august n i need a job like right know i have internet bil 2 phone bills n i also help my mama pay rent so that why i need this job like babysitting cooking petcare or mabey other things like starting my own cheer team shoot im very good at that
  27. Guest17081513
    im 13 looking for a job so i can pay my fone bill and just have fun with my freinds i am excelent with young kids im also good with pets and just tell me what u need and i think i can help i need money for many reasons and just need to do something in life so please hook me up you wont regret it :)
  28. Guest17025628
    well i am also a 12 year old girl in need for some money but i might take the deal with The Tech Guys, or start babysitting
  29. Guest16997199
    i need a job im 12 years old and im want to make money right now because im broke -.-'' really responsible and good at cooking. i shovel the snow and do more things email me
  30. Guest16971746

    If you want a job you can join my company "The Tech Guys" pays well (to see exact payment contact me at 760-814-5540) you need to pass easy test and you get business cards,id badge, and free stamp so please contact me at or check out our website (tom Paulus is my boss, i'm the CTO chief technical officer) so join today!

  31. Guest16927193
    There is an elderly lady across the street from me and I am going to start working after school for her for 2-3 dollars an hour. Lots of old people need help cleaning and gettign around so you should try it.
  32. Guest16810847
    im 12 and i cant find any fun jobs that gives a lot of money, im very smart and want money for toys any suggestions?
  33. Guest16807207
    yeah just go to SL6 URGAY...hahaha
  34. Guest16771863
    Hi, Im 12 years old and looking for a job. I'm really responsible and the jobs I'm looking for are babysitty, pet care or house sitting. Contact me at and please don't add or email me for no reason. P.s. I have experience for house sitting and pet sitting.
  35. Guest16771863
    Hi, Im 12 years old and looking for a job. I'm really responsible and the jobs I'm looking for are babysitty, pet care or house sitting. Contact me at and please don't add or email me for no reason. P.s. I have experience for house sitting and pet sitting.
  36. Guest16710592
    need a job i'm broke pleeeez help wer cn i get quick money 12 years old livin in white chapel want a babysitter or petsitter or someone to look after ganpa got experience email at
  37. Guest16545455
    HELP!!!!! ican't find a job i need money and i'm only 13 years old
  38. Guest16467930
    hi my name is raziya Thomas. im in need of a little cash also. im 13 years old and i am good with baby sitting cooking cleaning and good with running errands. contact info 347 825 8646 :)
  39. Guest16463766
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  40. Guest16463177
    hi i am 12 years old i live in the uk and i need a job i am good with baby e-mail me at
  41. Guest16173781
    i babysit in lewisville my names andrea and my phone number is 214-226-9359
  42. Guest16153865
  43. Guest16151503
    hello i live in largo maryland and i need a job that pays if you can help me out email me at
  44. Guest16127657
    hey im lenska i am 13, and i need a job i really dont mind what job, i live in aldeburgh so would like a job in aldeburgh or leiston please help
  45. Guest15932224
    I am 13 years old and i like taking care of pets. I have three dogs of my own.if you have a answer for me please call 561-860-6540 or email
  46. Guest15702239
    hey, im good at babysitting and if u dont have anybody to watch ur kids i will be glad to babysit them and i am ony 12 years old and if u want to call. Call this number 301-331-9105 and i live in falling waters wv
  47. Guest15702239
    hey, im good at babysitting and if u dont have anybody to watch ur kids i will be glad to babysit them and i am ony 12 years old and if u want to call. Call this number 301-331-9105 and i live in falling waters wv
  48. Guest15580786
    i need a job please i am 12 plez so can i????
  49. Guest15523470
    help i need a job my parents dont have enough money and i need money to spend time with friends and go to the 12 years old but 13 july 27th i need money for me and my parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP
  50. Guest15435076
    u can referee soccer games ^_^
  51. Guest15312168
    i am 12 year and need a simply job where man can EARN 100 POUNDS AN MONTH
  52. Guest15274811
    you could be a hobo and beg for money
  53. Guest15105000
    i have a job that pays 1,986 for babysitting.
  54. Guest14636236
    i want a jpb more then anyone in this sametink like makets ,wendy,shops like anyhing ................... plz help me p.s kristie orourke thankyou :)
  55. Guest14622237
    For the time being right now i would recomend getting a paper route to start you off on the right track. I have one and its a great way to make money at a young age such as myself. For any who are interested try giving my boss a shout and let her know your interested. Her name is cristine and the number is - 667-0214. Today could be your lucky day so give it a shot.
  56. Guest14612756

    What about ?

  57. victoria
    no enless your parents oun the place
  58. Guest14160711
    Hi my name is Luz Rivera and im always on the compuetr after school trying to find a job at the the libary. Im 13 yesrs old and im trying to find a job can you plaese help me. Email me at If anybody want advice of how to get a job email me...
  59. Guest13742737
    just because ur 13 dosent mean u cant get a job. i have a job at white spot and my friend works at wendys and were both 13
  60. Guest13309153
    yes i will love to babysit
  61. Guest13210954
    ya i knoe im 12 and well i needed money really bad and i had this huge garage sale and got around 300 dollars not really a job but a way kould get money fast
  62. Guest13191838
    people think that we should be kids ond have fun. i think the same but, we need money too. I mean sure, our parents will most likly get something, but I want to get stuff for myself so my parents won't have to spend money. I do not like to impose. I want to by the game Rock Band.
  63. Guest13086793
    i am 11 years old and i need some money soon please help me out
  64. Guest12995250
    i dont think is fair because just like anyone else we want/need money and i have forty dollars but i still want more so i can go to the mall with my friend these days forty dollars isnt enough
  65. Guest12795761
    there should be a jobs for 12 year old we're just like every body else we want a JOB too
  66. Guest12758754
    I want a job so bad
  67. Guest12339140
    i will love to come are work for u wot do u have to do
  68. Guest12086676
    hae im turn 13 in june 2010 i really need a job because i want sum money for ma parent culd u give me sum ideas
  69. Guest11864690
    sell something in the net, like purchasing xD i wish this could help :D
  70. Guest11859347
    By the way, the little picture of a girl is a little misleading, i am an 11 y.o. boy. :)
  71. Guest11859347
    By the way, the little picture of a girl is a little misleading, i am an 11 y.o. boy. :)
  72. Guest11859347
    Hey, i'm 11 and wanting to think of some ideas for a job soon. Some jobs are just plain boring and stupid, but some are interesting and can get more than just the money from it. But that's where my problem begins. I am having trouble thinking of the perfect job which interests me and at the same time gets a good little pay. Any ideas?
  73. Guest11831802
    i got a job as a model it pay good and fun. im 13.
  74. Guest11740647
    hello, i am the same age as u i wish i could have a job to because i am broke like u my name is katie and i wish i could get a job it is not fair i wish kid got jobs if they wour.ld like one it is not fai
  75. Guest11518244
    i really need a job because i want to get a 4 seater golf cart but their 1,900 or a really good price 90.89 dollars or something what do i do i need money by next week and i have 12 dollars! help me
  76. Guest11430613
    Im looking for a job too (im 12) that involves pets so im gunna get my mum to put a notice in the shop window for petsitting/dog walking and see where that gets me i own pets anyway so i could use that to back me up ? my pets... 2 guinea pigs - ben & jerry 1 cat - bagpuss they are gunna back me up for a job ... good luck yourself
  77. Grecia guerra
    no bacause the governor and the president of the U.S.A say that were to young to work we have to be at least 18 to start working:)
  78. Zak
    private, door to door. ask your neighbours if they need there garden cleaning- car washed. paper boys/girls need to be a wee bit older.
  79. Zak
    private, door to door. ask your neighbours if they need there garden cleaning- car washed. paper boys/girls need to be a wee bit older.
  80. Guest11335357
    theres a job at that mean that there are no jobs 12 or 13 yr old do duh stuipd but anyway i am 13 and i have a good job i get paid 1,000 dollars i am so rich no one can get that job.
  81. Guest11089590
    hey i turn 12 2-morrow and i need a job really bad i want a job with animals cause i love animals dearly
  82. Guest11078097
    hi im 12 and school is like 4 days a way and i really need some kind ofjob after school !!! can any 1 help?
  83. Guest10942731
    Im 12 years old and i babysit. I get 5 bucks a week with my friend. I want to make a babysitting service for myself. I need money so my dad's friend can finally make me my own mini house. I neeeeeddddd a job badly!!!
  84. Guest10757217
    maybe u can wash cars (im 12 and like doing that), babysit, pet care(:
  85. Guest10480984
  86. Guest10480896
    i am 12 i woukld like to baby sit how would i get people to know about me ?
  87. Guest10422600
    weeding maybe?
  88. Guest10415726
    hi im 12 years old i really want some money to save and spend on something really cool but how much would i get 4 mowing lawns and washing cars?
  89. Guest10385829
    Well the real age to get a job is at 14. Like at the library or at the movie theaters. Or maybe at Hollister.
  90. Guest10265477
    I really want a at target..or idk...a beauty salon??? i dont want traditional jobs. i want a GOOD job!!
  91. Guest10184114
    you could do a lemonade stand, pet sit, walk dogs, smoothie stand, wash cars, mo lawns, clean yards, ect. hoped this helped!
  92. Guest10102123
    okayy,butt some people don'tt have these kindd of opportunities wenn theirr parentss have too workk,soe wahtt doo theyy due then??
  93. Guest9710946
    if you reallly need money you could clean yards for people with pets.or petsit. some people are jerks so ask people you know or your parents know
  94. Guest6302304
    Well, honestly, I am looking for work, as well. I am a 12 year old girl, and I've heard a couple of good ideas. You could go to trusted neighbors and see if the need any errands ran, for instance, maybe running across the street to the store. You could volunteer. You would probably not earn any money, but your boss might slip you a buck or two every once in a while. Of course, there is the obvious jobs - babysitting, chores, blah, blah, blah... I hope this helped.
  95. Guest5353260
    I think they mean something more than the obvious!!! If you go somewhere after school day care or something ask around there. They probably know. And for you people who keep saying baby sitting, lawn mowing, and lemonade stand, it works for a couple months, but after a while they get old and you realize you are working too much for too little.
  96. Guest4406873
    here is bhg

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