Ano ang mga libing customes sa Pilipinas?

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Gusto kong malaman kung ano ay ang libing kaugalian sa Pilipinas, kung paano ang deads ay burried sa Pilipinas, maaring makatulong sa alam ko, sa mga detalye.

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  1. Mitchel

    In the Philippines, funeral traditions and the burial rituals are composed of a huge range of personal, cultural, and traditional beliefs and practices which Filipinos have been observing in reference to the bereavement, dying, honoring, respecting, interring, and remembering their deceased loved ones, relatives, and friends.
    People in Philippines, on burial or funeral of the dead , put the dead body in the coffin, which is commonly placed into a hearse or sometime the family members prefer it to carry on their shoulders. And in the form of procession all family members march towards the church and the cemetery.While the rest of the family members follow the march. There is a difference between the Catholic funeral processions and the protestant funeral rituals. Like the Catholic funeral rituals always involve the celebration of the mass, while Protestants during any funeral sing allot of hymns and recite of prayers, especially the ones in the preacher. People who come to mourning, wear black color, while some even adorn white color too. However it is a strict observation to wear a black mourning pin around the chest area, if the mourners are clad in the white dress.

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