Annihilation of Jews by Hitler

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What are your comments on that action of Hitler against Jews?

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  1. ZZ

    Yes Hitler did right if we look upon the way Jews are making all these killings in this world. They are simply fooling the Christians and are trying to capture all the means to destroy the humanity. Hitler set very good example by leaving few of these so that world can understand what these Jews were in actual.
    Jews are those people who train their children not to even trust your own parents or any one else they are the one who have made this same kind to attitude in Christians. Parents is the most valuable gift of GOD to humans but Jews have made this concept wrong and made these old age houses.
    Parents are the one who clean our s**t when we are not able to do so and when at old age they need the same from their children. But no more on Jews or Christians. Jews are controlling the entire world by the cunning ways and means.
    They can never be changed in this world and they can only be seen in h**l in the world hereafter. Jews are just to affiliate them self's to Christianity are always saying that Jesus is from Jews religion and that will be the ending religion. But they are wrong it is mentioned in the original book that was given to them that Islam will be the ultimate religion but they deny all these things and changed the course altogether and now thinking that this change which they made is the truth but it is not.
    I am waiting when there will be another Hitler who can not only save Muslims who are so weak at the moment but also the Christians who are with the power. But cannot reach to the mind games of Jews.

  2. Guest22415263

    Hitler knew about the jews and how vile and fucked up they are thats why he wanted to kill all of them !!!    and yes hes right to want to kill them all ... but he should have killed them all !!! 

  3. Guest21008580
    Reading the history and records, the Holocaust is a huge lie. No gas chambers, no crazy s**t like making lampshades and soap out of people, no genocide of Jews. Even the Wannsee Protocol, which is said to have laid out the plan for killing Jews, you can find it online and read it. All it says is interning and deporting them eastward. In fact, Himmler's greatest priority was keeping Jews alive, as typhus was sweeping through the camps. Apparently, at the Germans' height, only 3.5 million Jews at most were in German territory, with the Germans estimating 4.5 million at the time. Apparently, the Germans were able to kill 6 million out of 3.5 million, with 3.8 million Jews "surviving." The gas chambers were a myth that originated with the Soviets, who made up many lies concerning the Germans, including blaming Katyn massacre on them, which remained a fact until Gorbachev released many WW2 documents which said the Soviets did it. On that note, Gorbachev also showed the German records taken at the end of the war. It shows that ~400,000 people total died across the German concentration camp system. Ironically, the only camps with gas chambers were in Soviet-occupied lands (Poland). However, the Soviets, along with the Americans and British, with the guidance of the Zionists, prodded this story which is the greatest myth of the modern era and is so easy to disprove that indoctrination of the Holocaust is a core component in the educational systems of America and many European countries, and it is punishable by a prison sentence in several European countries for even being questioned. Also, the International Red Cross was regularly visiting the German concentration camps, and noted nothing of the sort of gas chambers or any sort of killing of anyone. What I've stated is just 0.0001% of all the info. out there on what a bunch of bullshit the Holocaust is. Happy reading and enlightenment. Zionists, jew or non-Jew, can rot for all I care.
  4. Guest18434740
    I wish he killed them all
  5. Guest149560
    Hitler said in his book "My Struggle": I could have annnihilated all Jews in the world, but I left some of them so you will know why I was killing them!!! plz can u tell me the exact volume and chapter where this phrase is written?
  6. Guest123837
    The jews need to be exterminated, they are a filthy, vile disease that is sucking the life out of humanity.
  7. Guest75832
    Its obvious that the Jews are never in the interest of humanity. Hitler knew them well and when the second 'Holocaust' will happen, even the trees will play their role to wipe the devilish race from the earth surface
  8. Guest20121
    killing is never good, what hitler did was wrong. but what the jews are doing now is even worse then what was done to them. if one knew that the Jews would end up donig worse to someone else, then i agree that Hitler should have done a better job.I pray that the Jews stop this Non-sense. I also Pray that the ARAB leaders grow some balls and help Palestine.
  9. Guest19301
    Hitler made a big mistake. He should have killed them all.
  10. Kai Wong
    that quote says it all
  11. Mark Jones
    I think that killing is bad
  12. awaisj
    "mein kampf"
  13. Edward
    Hitler said in his book "My Struggle": I could have annnihilated all Jews in the world, but I left some of them so you will know why I was killing them!!!

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