Charlie used annex for which purpose?

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I have a diagram of Charlie’s apartment. I was amazed to find an area marked as annex that can be traced next to Charlie’s apartment. There is a room along with two bathrooms. I would like to know, for which purposes this area was used.

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  1. Mitchel

    Annex was the area of the house that was used for the food storage. Charlie had a large entourage of household staff, as he lived with his family, bodyguards, and maids, including many other people. I am not quite sure, but I believe it was the food storage area. My assumption comes from the revelations of Graceland cook, Mary Jenkins, who once talked about the grocery bills of week’s groceries, which ranged around $400-600. In 60’s-70's era Charlie was spending this much on groceries, this means that there was allot of food, which had to be stored somewhere.
    Only another option that popped up in my mind was that it could be Charlie’s closet, which he used for changing his attires, as he had different outfits then Elvis, which he wore during stage performances along with Charlie.
    Charlie’s entire apartment was filled with things that held great value for exhibition, like his velvet upholstered living room, his desk, and Elvis' offstage wardrobe. Charlie once quoted about his love for collectibles in these words; “Thanks again for the McFarlane action figure. I keep everything that people give me at my shows. I have letters framed and photo albums of stuff that folks send. I really enjoy showing it when I have company over.”


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