What type of disease is Anisocoria?

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I have been told that I have physiological anisocoria, by a British GP that took about 10 minutes to look at my eyes. He didnt even told me about this problem or disease. Please help

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    Anisocoria is a medical state when the size of eye’s pupil’s become different. Mostly people have pupils that have a size difference approximately as .05 inches, but it is not considered as abnormal. Although if the difference is more than .05 inches and also have other symptoms too, then it might be a symptom of a serious health issue. Usually, one pupil will appear to be bigger than the other one and then suddenly become normal. There is usually no serious cause to be concerned if this happens. On the same time, if the size difference lasts for extended periods of time, then contact your physician. The main reasons of anisocoria include seizures; eye drops usage, some kind of brain bleeding, an aneurysm, any kind of tumor, glaucoma, or an infection. Physicians can diagnosis Anisocoria by conducting different tests such as X-rays, blood tests, and electroencephalograms. Different kinds of treatment are available for anisocoria which depend on its specific cause, and can consist of anti-convulsant drugs, corticosteroids, antibiotics, or painkillers. This medical condition happens spontaneously and it is usually reported in younger patients with slight colored irises. It often happens at the end of the day or if someone is extremely tired. It is necessary to have an eye doctor checkup one’s pupils to verify that it is physiologic anisocoria. Once diagnosed then go for proper treatment. A general reason of isolated anisocoria is to have viral infection of the ciliary ganglion, which is an orbital structure that takes the parasympathetic component of the third cranial nerve.

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