Whats the history of the Ancient China Wall?

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I was reading an article about china wall, i am interested in knowing about the history of china wall. Can someone tell me who built this monstrous wall and how?

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  1. Mitchel

    The historic development of the Great Wall of China is believed to have started from the spring and Autumn Periods, at the time when seven mighty states emerged at the same time. These mighty and strong seven states in order to defend themselves, from the wrath of each other, constructed walls and deployed troops on the borders. In that time period, the complete length of the wall had reached up to 3,107 miles, and this wall belonged to different states.

    In the year 221 BC, the Emperor Qin merged the other six states and succeeded in setting up the first single kingdom in Chinese history. Chinese Emperor in order to solidify and unify his newly born dominion and to keep it protected from the attacks of Huns in the north gave the orders of connecting the walls, that were constructed by the other states as well as including some sections of his own. This gave rise to the long Qin's Great Wall which emanates from the east of today's Liaoning Province and ends at Lintao, Gansu Province.

    Then a time came, when the Western Han Dynasty, popularly known as the Huns gained more power and strength. The Han court ordered the construction of more walls on a larger scale in order to strengthen the frontier. This resulted in the construction of Westeren walls along the Hexi corridor, Yumenguan Pass, and Yangguan Pas. In the north, Yanmenguan Pass and Niangziguan Pass in Shanxi were constructed. Many more segments and portions of the wall expanded to Yinshan Mountain and half of the ancient Silk Road was along the Han's wall.


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