Analyze the Improvement of Hongxing Rotary Dryers

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Analyze the Improvement of Hongxing Rotary Dryers

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     As the technology development, the mining technology has a big improvement in the world. At the same time, Henan Hongixng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has always pursuit he technology of mining machine. In recent years, we has a big development of rotary drying machine. Here we want to share the qualitative leap of Hongixng rotary dryers development.

    It has strong ability to adapt. Material with larger moisture content, even percent 30 moisture can be dried to below 1%, especially some viscous materials such as clay, fly ash can be dryed, as feed device structure is improved.Optimize process parameters of system, and utilize heat ebergy of system into full play integratedly. The improvement of dust removal equipment ensure that the system's balance of wind, material, coal, improving working environment, and achieving the good quality and high yield.


    To apply comprehensive high temperature fluidized bed furnace. High temperature fluidized bed furnace has strong coal applicability, and both bituminous coal and anthracite are available, and it can even use inferior coal and slag. The combustion efficiency is as high as 95%,and uniform heating temperature is stable, which can make the drum dryer production increase by 50% - 80%, saving more than 50% than other furnace coal. The intensity of labor is low,and it's easy to realize automation.

    Drying production is high, increasing by 80 ~ 150% than the same type China dryer. The rotary drum dryer adopts new compound feed device and X type feed device.The combined use of two sets of equipment makes the unique structure, it is a new type of roller dryer according to the principle of material in the drying and optimum combination.

    The coal consumption economizes. Because of the improvement of thermal efficiency, a year can have the benefit of 60 ~ 800000 yuan only by saving coal every year, without considering the benefits of using inferior coal.In order to save time,now most of us choose the dryer,and the dryer is far better than any other dryer machine.

    flour dryer:

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