Analyze the Development Requirement of Jaw Crusher

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Analyze the Development Requirement of Jaw Crusher

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     It is reported that the crusher production occupies a lot of power in China, and therefore, the design and manufacture of high efficiency and high energy saving jaw crusher is the top priority. In order to reduce the energy consumption of stone jaw crusher in the crushing process, the structure of the crushing equipment needs improvement and innovation, to optimize the structure and change its trails. In addition, increasing the supporting method of the moving lining board of the jaw and adopting abrasion resistant materials will reduce the wear and tear of primary jaw crusher.


    With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the age has put forward new requirements for a variety of equipment, and to the modern mining production equipment, it also has a new request. With the development of the society, people put forward new requirements for crusher machine, and new diesel crusher needs to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection; due to the less and less renewable energy in the earth, jaw breaker needs to reduce energy consumption, and at the same time, it should improve the crushing efficiency of crusher. To achieve the goal needs the new technology, and the modern manufacturing technology has had a very big development, which provides a good material base to achieve goals of the above.

    1. the development of the crushing equipment is towards to large-scale type, it puts forward new requirements to the crusher’s designers, and they must produce a new crusher that can meet this demand.

    2. breaker machine production mainly considered the efficiency of crushing before, and in the process of production, the effects of crusher on the environment is not too concerned about.

    3. crusher develops towards to systematic automation and flexibility.

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