A family film in the year 1980s about flying saucers.

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I remember watching a VHS of a run down dinner/apartment building that a big corporation was trying to close down, where small alien flying saucers/robots came to live, and have their little robots. The big corporation paid somebody to burn the building down because the people would not move out. The robots ended up rebuilding the diner/apartments over night after the fire. It was a great family movie, although I am not sure if it qualifies as a classic.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The scene that you just have explained is of the movie “Batteries not included”. It was a film released in the year 1987,it was a family science fiction film. It was directed by Matthew Robbins. The story was first featured in Amazing Stories which was a famous TV series, later Steven Spielberg got the idea and he decided to put this idea into the film to make a theatrical release. This movie was released in many languages such as Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portugese and Latin America. Many titles were used about the movie such as Miracle on 8th Street. The film is made in the New York City. There is an elderly couple who run an apartment building and restaurant which was near East Village neighborhood.
    The machine shown in the movie displays emotional reactions. Their origin remains a mystery, but they do share some features of von Neumann probes; it is also shown that there is no external control which is affecting the movement of such devices. Different types of scraps metal from various sources are used to replicate themselves.

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