An Asian Cricket World Cup Final.

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For the first time in ICC Cricket World Cup history, two Asian teams playing the World Cup Final.

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  1. Harry

    After the world cup played in the sub-continent back in year 1987, with Australia and England featuring the final, it has always been a subcontinent team that makes it way to the final. Australia have been reaching the final since year 1996 but has always faced an Asian team in the final. Hence for the first time, the world cup final is being played between the two co-hosts.

  2. ZZ

     Yes that is a great honor for Asia that in final match of world cup both teams are from Asia. 

    And till the semi-final stage three out of four teams are from Asia. 
    All the cricketing nation will now realize the talent inside Asia. 
    In fact they already knew about this talent but now is the time when Asia need to dominate cricket and rule the world of cricket. 
  3. James Augustus

    I think both the teams deserve the final of ICC Cricket  World Cup. India and Sri Lanka are performing excellent consistly.

    However, India reached the final by defeating two tough competitors whereas Sri Lanka won their matches against England and New Zealand comfortably. So India has an edge over Sri Lanka. Let see who will win the Final.

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