Am i too young?

by Guest7330  |  12 years, 6 month(s) ago

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I am 15 years old, 55 kg and 5,5. Am i too young to start building abdominal muscles? i was also wondering if you could give me some exercises for strengthening my body not like building big muscles. Exercises which will help improve my game and make me look smart[not fat]. Thank You!

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  1. ZZ

     Yes i think you can now but the think which you need to remember and stick to is that you need not lift heavy weights for next 4 years as you are in growing stage so lifting up of weights can have a direct effect on your growth. 

    You need to create the muscles so for that you just need to lift light weights and it will help you in gaining the muscles. 
    When after 4 years when you think that your growth has stopped then you can go for the heavy weights can thus can give cutting to your previously built muscles.  

  2. Johnwilliam

     No you are not too young and its a best age to start bodybuilding. 

  3. Tom Reeds

    Yes you are too young for bodybuilding,in my opinion you should start bodybuilding atleast at the age of 18, because now is the time when you are developing height and weight,so if you choose for bodybuilding now then you might end up developing an irregular shape of your body will not grow to its full potential.

  4. innocent
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