Am I a very spoiled 11 year old answer as soon as you can plz?

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Hey guys I really need your help can you tell me if I am spoiled plz be truthfull but not mean first here are the reasons I am not spoiled I give money to charity, always tell my parents I love and aprecciate them, get good grades, and do what my parents tell me. Here are the things that make me spoiled.
-I have a couch in my room
-I go shopping every 2 weeks
-I have a wii
-I have a Ds
-I get $11 each week
-I go to a private school thats $10 000 a year
-I have the Itouch 32g 3D generation
-I have a 27inch tv in my room (b-day gift lthis year)
-I have a pc laptop (b-day gift last year)
-I have a LG slide cell phone ( Gift for getting very good grades)
-Every summer I go on vacation to Europe,Aisia, etc. (For the whole summe)
-I have been to 16 countries
-I Have Juicy couture uggs, alll star converse, and Jessica Simpson shoes
-I have a Juicy couture purse, Guess? walet, Lois vuitton purse, Lois vuitton purse, lesportsac bagpack, and 2 kipling bagpacks.
-I have clothes from Abercrombie, Anna sui, Bench, Burberry, Butter Super Soft, Dolice & Gabbana, Free city, Gege, Guess?, Gucci, Ikks, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Monnalisa, Pink by vs, and Seventeen.
- I also have a lot of silk
-I also have a one of a kind skirt
-We have a maid
- The only chores I have are to make my bed, do my homework, and sometimes help cook if I want
- I am an only child
Please help I am not putting this up to brag.

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