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So, I was just curious if there were any girls out there who resent AOII enough to reveal some of their secrets. Bwa haha(evil laugh). So, what are some of them secrets?

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  1. Guest28151722

     I promise, always to cherish in my heart, a feeling of fraternity and love, for all who now are or will ever be in time to come sworn members of this fraternity. To abide by all the regulations of this society, and never, at any time, under any circumstances whatsoever, to break my bond with it, or divulge it's secrets.

    phila mila chira- friends rejoice greatly

    the secrets are stupid and the sorority is stupid

  2. Guest28151211

    I think the ladies that responded to your question was sincere and shows devotion to thier Chapter. The other ladies you apparently have an issue and can only come to one answer - you were not invited back to AOII. Move on ladies free country for people to pick and choose what they do in thier lifetime.

  3. Guest24870335

    sorority girls (especially AOII) just do nothing but party, drink and sleep around with fraternity guys, waste of time and money

  4. Guest22808520

    I am an AOII - I was initiated in 1993.  I now hold two Master's Degrees and work as a mid-level executive for an international company.  I understand the frustration of people that don't understand sororities and believe the media hype about "typical" sorority girls, but let me assure you that the media does not do justice to the beauty of sororities.  Like most other sisters I was heavily involved with many activities on campus, held a high GPA, and was very active in AOII - I was blessed enough to be president of my chapter for one year.  My involvement has been a significant part of my life - it was sisters that helped me stay focused through difficult times both personal and scholastic; it was my sorority that helped me financially with a scholarship when I didn't think I would be able to afford to finish undergraduate ; it is my sisters that today I turn to when I need a friend, a night out, a shoulder, or support.  I would not violate my promises, but our initiation is beautiful and our rituals strengthen me as a sister, a person, a wfie, and a mother. 

  5. Guest22742668

    PMX <3

  6. Guest22716225

     Sweetheart you need to move on with your life. If you resent AOII so much, it wasnt for you. Put on your big girl panties and move along. AOII's rituals are simple and beautiful. Those of us lucky enough to know them, cherish them.

  7. Guest22538413

    i have one question to ask. Is the AOII inclusive or exclusive in membership???

    The reason being i ask is becuase if it is the latter then this is elitisim which is in foundation against real community and freedom and does nothing for those outside of the order and also excludes rather than includes humanity hence against community. Im not having a go at anyone just intrested so please dont take offence.

  8. Guest22199771

    Okay seriously if you are not Greek then why should you care about our little "secrets." They are of no use to you and you honestly probably would not understand them. I was initiated to AOII last month and I can tell you that none of my new wonderful sisters or myself would ever tell you. This is not just a group of bitchy girls, and we do no think we are in high school; thery are family. They are a group of sisters that you can call no matter what and they are ALWAYS there becasue we are bonded by our sisterhood and those lovely secrets you are trying to figure out. Our ritual is beautiful and sacred to us for a reason so I am meaning this as sweetly as I can but back the h**l off. It has nothing to do with you and I am sorry for whatever may have happened to any of you that are so negative about Greek life and Alpha Omicron Pi, but I promise you that it is a lot more then you think and it is the greatest decision I have ever made.

  9. Guest21677373


  10. Guest20195145
    I'm an AOII and I second the suggestion that you find something worthwhile to do with your time. If you are really this curious about Greek Secrets, go ask Frat Guys, they dont tend to be so crazy secretive. And they drink; I know most Frat Hanshakes. You can also tell yourself that we drink Panda Blood out of a Rose shaped goblet during our intiation. Thats what we tell New Members anyway. Also to Guest15622914, I'm sorry that the Greek Community has upset you in the past. As a sorority member with a cumulative GPA of 4.0, with two majors, two minors, a job, and a seat in our student senate, not to mention positions in almost every organization in which I participate, I can confidently tell you we are not empty-headed or completely absorbed in only the sorority. I apologize for any spelling and grammar errors, I wrote this quickly and am busy doing something else online. Please forgive me.
  11. Guest19642961
    Even as someone who was once an AOII and got frustrated with my chapter and deactivated, I still have enough respect for the organization to which I pledged not to divulge the secrets bestowed only upon members. Yes, sororities and their members are many of the things listed above by those of you who are too caught up in playing rebel to see that these organizations are not just parties and snotty b*****s, but the high ideals they were founded upon are worthy of my respect.
  12. Guest17799520
    As an AOII, I can personally tell each of you, that I love and respect each and everyone one of my sisters. I respect what we stand for and would never tell any of our secrets. Ritual is a common bond among Greeks, its something to be valued and cherished. AOII's ritual has never been changed since my founders started the organization in 1897, because each member, of the 141,000+ members, hold it close to their heart. I'm thankful to be a part of the Greek community, it has opened many doors for me and allowed me more opportunities to become involved on my campus and in my community. Its more than letters, its about friendship. When you are on the outside looking in you can't understand it. When you are on the inside you can't explain it. It's sisterhood.
  13. Guest16950930
    Seriously who are you and what are you thinking!
  14. Guest16690446
    No true AOII would ever disclose her organization's secrets to anyone who wasn't affiliated. We stand by our values, our secrets, and our promises made to one another as initiated members of a sisterhood. To Guest Guest15622914: You are one to talk. You criticize sorority women for being empty-headed idiots, but you seem to be the same kind of person that you're describing, what with your narrow-minded comments and utter lack of any credible evidence on the subject of sororities. Greek Life opens countless doors throughout a woman's college career, such as holding leadership positions within the chapter and the university (which look amazing on job applications), meeting individuals who share the same interests and ideals as you, getting connected to a network of alumni within your major who are able to help with job placement after college, and volunteering time to help a variety of different philanthropies (arthritis, cardiac care, autism awareness, breast cancer awareness, and the SPCA, to name a few). Philanthropic efforts are a HUGE part of any Greek organization, so if you think that we've got too much time on our hands and that our time is being wasted for selfish means, you're sadly mistaken. On a final note, and as an example to disprove your accusations, I'm double majoring in Biology and Business, I'm on the Dean's List, and I'm in a sorority. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to studying. Oh, and just for the record, my university's All-Greek GPA is higher than the All-Campus GPA.
  15. Guest15964444
    I don't know who pissed you off, but there's no way a true AOII would ever reveal ritual or anything that's meant to be secret. It's college. Whatever happened that you didn't like, get over it. It's not a stereo-typical womens fraternity. It's about love and sisterhood. Apparently those things are lost to you
  16. Guest15622914
    lol. Guest 14672748, your snotty b***h defensive answer says everything. Any woman that I've ever met who was worth anything would never be in a sorority at your average university. Of course, there are always exceptions but the majority that I've met are a bunch of empty headed twits that still think they are in high school. They need the security of an exclusive club to make them feel special. Anyone who, at 19-20 years old, has time to devote to all the bullshit required of a sorority obviously has too much time on THEIR hands. To the original person who asked the question - Let it go. These "ladies" are not even worth resentment.
  17. Guest15146958
    yeah b***h! lol
  18. Guest14674699
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  19. Guest14672748
    Any woman worthy of being an AOII would never violate the promises she made to her sisters the day she was initiated by divulging that information. Why are you interested? If it is because you have extra time on your hands, I'd recommend learning correct grammar or at least some respect for Greek organizations which you clearly know nothing of. If you're not in one of us, its really none of your business.

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