Ali Medical Center Islamabad

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What is contact number of Ali Medical Complex? From where I can find complete list of doctors available at Ali Medical Center, Islamabad?

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  1. Guest17164017
    I think there official site of Ali Medical Center is:

  2. Guest16729743
    i need the website of ali medical center .. please
  3. Guest11933074
    salam,how r u? i m male nurse with one year speacialization in CCU.i want job in your hospital.but before joining your hospital i knowing about male nurse salry.hw much salry given to male nurse?
  4. Guest11047659
    wana phone numbers of Ali medical complex situated in f-8 markaz,
  5. Guest10519022
    i hope i can get all types of doctors including the fuckers and some lady doctor to f**k arrround
  6. Guest9991204
    I am searching fora Patient in Ali Medical center Islamabad name-= Sana Tanweer -in gyni ward
  7. Guest2669570
    dr khal-zamaneeq-u
  8. Guest691792
    Phone number of Ali Medical, Islambad is (92-51) 2855175-2855174. I don't have complete list of doctors working there, but I hope you will get all types of doctors there.

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