What is the stage to dance on pointe?

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I started ballet dance and want to know that what is the stage to dance on pointe. Can someone tell me about it? I hope you can help me!

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  1. Judi

     I've watching more and more 10-year-olds in pointe shoes, but stringing a dance on pointe that youthful can be dangerous. It's essentially prized your feet and legs have the maturity and might to handle the excess insist - begin ago that, and your feet can verily become deformed. Only a specialist analysis via a doctor can say for sure, whether you're adequately grew towards activate pointe work. Just because you think your feet glance or feel "ready" doesn't mean it's OK.
    Personally, I believe no one book reader should cause pointe occupation until they're 12, except they're inside full instant advising at a primary choreography organisation and own get access to in the direction of health advice. Sure, there are young women who will be prepared for pointe occupation much initially - but if you can't pay for a consultant in the direction of verify that, why steal the risk. It won't profit from you a better person who promenades, and solely develops the risk of career-ending wounds or injuries. Girls who cause at 12 will shortly apprehend them up, and most likely overtake them because they've expended two numerous years increasing their basic technique. Unless you're in a full-time ballet course, there are no good reasons to start pointe work early only bad ones.

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