Age limits for ballet dancers in professional dancing companies

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I am 19 years old and want to become a ballet dancer, but I have had no previous training and I know it is very late for me now. But I want to be a ballerina badly. So i wanted to know if any professional ballet dancing company has an age limit to the dancers they take on? My parents really want me to try out my dream and are very hopeful of me. Please detail me if there is any possibility?

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  1. Sash

    Hello. I appreciate that you are very hopeful and positive with your decision even at this later age in life to start ballerina. I believe that there is no specific age that you must start at to become a professional ballet dancer as it comes from a very early stage. Ballet is not a dance but a technique and many people master it between 6 and 8 proper ballet dancing lessons a week while other take a life time and not get it.
    Many professional ballet dancing companies usually begins ballerina training with ballet classes when girls are between the ages of five and eight and boys generally start classes after age 10. Many offer professional training program for gifted dance students ages 13 to 23. It mostly depends on the country and the institute which is offering any special professional training classes. Ask for information from each ballet school about their courses for professional ballet dancers and select the one that best suits your needs. It might take time to get in with ballet at this stage but with proper training, you will improve gradually.
    Best of luck.

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