Advice on how to handle a very demanding boss

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I am a pharmacist and it requires perfection where no mistake can be made. When I work morning shift, my boss (pharmacy manger) is asking me to get everything done when he comes in in the afternoon even though the morning was very busy helping patients with lots of questions on the phone and in person, ringing up at the register, and problem-solving issues. I know he makes mistakes filling prescriptions and we had to fill out incident reports for misfills while I am very careful and rarely ever make mistakes. Having to work perfectly in very fast pace is very stressful especially with techs who are not willing to help out as much (which boss is already aware of). I think it's asking too much of me to get 100% of work done and not leave any work for him especially when perfection is required and it's very busy. All he counts is the number of prescriptions I checked and not any problems and questions that patients had which I helped with. What shall I do??? I feel so so stressed out that life is miserable to live right now. Any ideas or experiences you can share would be great!!! I had some typos earlier so reposting this corrected version.

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