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Hi Ray,

I am planning a trip to the Bay Area, California, in the Fall. I live in Australia. I will be there for about ten weeks. I know wheels are a must to get around. What would you recommend as the cheapest way to do this - buy, hire? Any help appreciated. I am on a tight budget, so I am looking for the cheapest way.


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  1. ZZ

     That is real nice place to visit around and without wheels it is too much difficult specially at a new place. 

    After having look at your budget I think you should purchase a car from rent a wreck that is what they call it over here. Dealers which are dealing in old cars. Need to examine the car throughly so that it might not disturb you the while around California. 
    Now you mentioned that you are going there for ten weeks so after 9 weeks you can resell the car the you might get the whole sum back. Which you can spent in the last week of your stay in California. 
    If you will be hiring a car on rent than it will cost you too much and your entire budget will be disturbed. So to avoid any sort of inconvenience you should straight away purchase a used car and sell it when you are about to leave back for Australia. Best of luck and Enjoy your trip. Have fun.

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