Administration of NUS University?

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I’m an advanced diploma student from Raffles College of Higher Education and I want to take a Part-time Diploma course in NUS Singapore. I have not finished my high school in Vietnam. I want to know the Administration of NUS University?

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    Administrative Offices support the University's mission by providing quality service to the University's stakeholders and to the wider community. Office of the President: Provides leadership to the University's pursuit of its mission to transform the way people think and do things through education, research and service to achieve its vision to become a global knowledge enterprise. Office of the Provost: Formulates, implements and assesses academic policies and programmes to promote scholarship and ensure quality education and research in the University. Deputy President (Administration), Office of the: Formulates, develops, implements and reviews corporate policies, procedures, processes and projects and oversees the corporate cluster to provide effective and efficient administrative services for the University., Deputy President (Research & Technology), Office of the: Sets policies for research, oversees the allocation of research funding and builds research excellence at NUS.

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