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We have an ademco alarm system in our home.   we are no longer have the service that monitors the system (and haven't had it for a few years now).  over the last few days the alarm has gone off every 6 - 12 hours.  I can turn it off by entering the code or even just pressing "0".  I have tried to enter the code and press "alarm off" as well as enter the code and press "chime off", neither works.  This is extremely annoying and is driving my dog crazy (especially the middle of the night alarms).  Any thought on the problem or how to turn it off?  Many thanks

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  1. Mitchel

    It is clearly mentioned on the Ademco Keypads, that in order to disable the door chime feature, you should enter your alarm code followed by a "9". If you don't have the alarm code, you'll need a service call to have a technician program a new one.


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