Adopting acting as a career.

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I want to adopt acting as a career, where can I get an acting training, are there any good institutes, I am looking to move to NY or LA or any place in the Europe. Can you tell about any proper institute where I can get the training?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is a website for career acting named
    You can get the detailed information about the course offered for adopting acting as a career. This is a 6 session course that is offered and this course will guide you properly through all the subjects and the necessary subjects required for the study of acting.
    The course will help you through the following subjects and you can break into the industry and succeed.
    This is the basic course where the subjects like Personal Goals, Audition Procedures, Industry Terminology, Head Shots & Computer Cards, Presentation, Image and Appearance and Freeze Modeling are taught to get expertise in the field of acting.
    The second module includes
    Introduction for the Actor and Monologue Work.
    There are following subjects which are present in the development of building career in acting, these subjects are as follows.
    You will first be trained to develop your character, and then Body Movement is the next step, Another important aspect is to find the right monologue work, Cold Reads is another subject which needs to be studied for the completion of this course.
    In the third semester you will study Improvisation & Commercials,
    For the fourth semester you have to study about your body which are skin care
    Hair care
    Are you ready

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