Any guidline for acting on Disney?

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I am looking for an agent in California, though I live in Minnesota.. Is that OK for me? HOW CAN I GET ON DISNEY CHANNEL. I am ambitious to be the part of Disney channel and wanted to do some interesting stuff there. I need help, tell me what to do?

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  1. John
    Mani, Thanks for writing here and I am grateful to give you the accurate information I have right now. It is certainly okay to look for an agent in CA even though you live in MN, which is not a big deal so far. It is not uncommon for an actor to live in another state and still have an agent in CA. you can live anywhere in U.S and wish to work in any state. The whole business revolves around good agents. You need a good agent, once you get into this glittering business. Question is, how do you get on the Disney Channel? Well, you have to go through an audition for something the Disney Channel is casting and then become the part of it. That's how you get on the channel. So don’t waste your precious time and go for it. Finding a good place is not so difficult, but you have to follow a logical sequence. Through audition you can get in to the perfect place otherwise you just dream. Keep your spirit in high esteem and make yourself comfortable. If you are still confused then do write.

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