Business in films and Acting in Arkansas

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I live in Arkansas, where there is not any place that is known for acting and films. I am in high school but I was wondering if you know how to get a good agent and get in the business in films and other things. Thanks so much.

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  1. Angelina

     Thanks for writing. There is a lot of work has been on line in Arkansas regarding the business in films. The details of some of them you can see below.
    Film Production Capital presents tax credit-based financing for movies in Arkansas, as well as TV, digital interactive newspapers (video games), and all other qualifying amusement productions. They are the biggest purchaser/financier of amusement tax credits in the homeland that focuses in unaligned productions. You can find some of the best features engaging Arkansas movie tax credits below.
    Minimum spend $50,000.
    $ 5 Mil cap. First come-first served.
    15% refund of all trained expenses. Includes development, pre-production, output and post-production.
    Bonus 10% for inhabitant Arkansas crew. Salaries of cast and crew who obtain more than $500,000 will not qualify.
    $5Mil yearly hat on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    The Arkansas Economic Development Commission Film Division was conceived in 1979 to encourage Arkansas to movie, video, TV and financial output companies.
    These Services include:
    • Provide data to filmmakers contemplating Arkansas, such as promise positions, agencies and crew information
    • Assisting filmmakers while in the state
    • Accompanying them on scouting trips
    • Introducing them to community managers, agents, landowners and other ones who can aid the output company
    • Acting as a liaison with other bureaus and localized officials
    • Promoting concern and evolving capability of filmmakers and localized movie charges inside Arkansas

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