Where I can get good acting classes?

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My name is Sean, I am a senior at Hunters Lane High School and I am nearly graduated and thinking about my future. A few months ago, I decided that I want to be an actor for my profession, it is something that I enjoy very much and in spite of my lack of experience, I am very good at. My question regards acting classes, do you know of any good, yet affordable acting classes that are here in Nashville, Tennessee? I intend to take acting classes while I put myself through a 2 year college. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. John

    Dear Sean

    so you have decided to take the acting path. Great choice! This fun filled career has many benefits, Good lessons, and career choices. I don't personally know of any acting classes in Nashville, Tennessee. I searched \"Acting classes in Nashville, Tennessee\" on Google and it came up with Acting Classes beginning on August 14. I clicked on the link and it came up with this* (Look at bottom of answer). This might be of some help to you.

    I would suggest looking in the Yellowpages; they often have something on acting classes, as well as your local theatre. You have a good plan, it seems, despite that you do not have a lot of experience, and you are off to a good start.

    Overview: Look in the Yellowpages, on the internet, or in your local theatre for acting classes.

    Hint: Get as much acting experience as you can, Agencies and casting directors like a resume overflowing with experience.

    Good luck, Sean! You are off to a great start. If you have any farther questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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