How can I learn acting?

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My daughter want to learn about the basics of acting, my question is how can I learn about acting apart from joining the institute, Can you give me any good advice for becoming a good actor.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Acting is a best way to express your emotions your desires. A good actor should be able mix up strong desires with emotions and should be able to connect both of such situations in a best possible manner. The main job of the actor is to play the role which is assigned to him in a perfect manner. It takes some effort to get used to acting as it is difficult to teach but if you give yourself proper time and devotion towards this work then it will be easy for you to learn. Apart from going or joining any institutions the best way to learn acting is that you should watch movies of the famous Hollywood stars, watch their good performances several times and also take note of their expressions during different scenes. This observation will help you in increasing your skills and developing better and more powerful characters.
    Another important thing that you can do is try to connect with emotions. You must be able to feel different types and kind of emotions that the actor is experiencing such as happy, sad, angry, worried or frightened. You also try to build up emotions by practicing it. You should also be aware of different acting methods which were adopted by Robert De Niro and Daniel Day Lewis. It involves adopting the character of both on and off screen actors. You can choose a story or any character then try to exercise that particular character.

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