Advice on becoming Acting/Modeling in Arkansas.

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I am a drama graduate (minor) of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and have recently moved back to Little Rock. I wanted to try my hand at the local modeling and acting scene (especially commercials) and I've been able to find a few local agencies online. However, I have no idea who is any good. Do you know of any discussion boards/newsgroups where Arkansas-based actors and models can go and discuss their experiences with different companies and get the heads-up? Also, I have never modeled or done TV/film work before. Any advice on how to find a agent, what kind of head shots I'll need, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The best way to become a successful actor is to go at a place where people are involved in this profession and try to do acting jobs so that you can train yourself for better acting and it is not necessary that you live in New York and Los Angeles for this but there are other places such as Vancouver. Montreal , Chicago, Miami, Baltimore and in some parts of Arkansas where there are acting schools through which you can learn acting. Here is another thing which is very important that just like any other profession acting also requires training and practice and you should devote yourself whole heartedly towards this profession. If you get a role in any of the TV series or any program do not hesitate as it is the best method for practicing and for improving your skills.

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