Accreditations of SIC Singapore

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I think study in Singapore is good, as my friend needs to take admission in SIC Singapore. I come to know that SIC is a good reputed university. Currently my question is accreditations of SIC Singapore

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    Singapore Quality Class The Institute was one of the first recipients of the ‘Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organization’ (SQC). The SQC is only given by the Singapore government to organizations which are deemed to be world-class. SIC Singapore is proud to be part of a world class organization in pursuit towards helping others succeed. Enhanced Registration Framework The Private Education Act and the Private Education Regulations set out a new regulatory regime effective from 21 December 2009. The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE) spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligations which all private education institutions, operating in and from Singapore must fulfill. SIC Singapore College is registered with the CPS for a 4-year term from 3 June 2010. EduTrust Transition Listing Arrangement Edutrust is a voluntary certification scheme that is administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE) to distinguish higher quality players in Singapore's private education industry. Private education institutes need to be EduTrust-certified in order to provide and offer placement for international students who require Student Pass visas from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The CPE has granted SIC Singapore College with EduTrust Transition Listing arrangement to facilitate provision of placement for international students.

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