Need information about Monroe’s disability

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What Marilyn Monroe achieved in spite of her disability? Tell me in what the name of her key disabilities.


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  1. John


    The miserable life of Marilyn was a perfect depiction of her health. And as a matter of fact she had many health problems, and to name a few endometriosis, prescription drug addiction, and alcohol dependency. Monroe tied hard to cope with these disabilities, as back then there was no Betty Ford clinic that she could go to get rid of her addictions, and a hysterectomy to cure her endometriosis was not an option for her (she wanted children more than anything). No doubt, the girl achieved stunning success in just about everything she tried, and of course now she is likely the most recognizable face of the 20th century.

    But question arises, what about her mental health? Some say she had Borderline Personality Disorder, some say she was bipolar (she did NOT, luckily, inherit the schizophrenia that plagued her mother's side. This was her worst fear). Believe it or not, she was bipolar, given the descriptions of people who knew her and she changes her mood accordingly. Monroe also had a very difficult and unstable early life that triggered a lot of her episodes.

    Marilyn had to overcome a lot. No matter she suffered a lot but she did a tremendous job by taking all challenges, and one might say that had she not been such a fighter, she would not have been able to achieve the legendary iconic status that she did.



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