About going Professional at a somewhat late age.

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I am currently 16 and will be turning 17 in about a month. I am taking classes again now after a long pause in my life due to moving and family issues. I guess my question is to see if before 18 after graduating from High School could I possibly make it into a Ballet School and continue my higher education in Ballet? I know it depends on my rate of learning and capacity for the Ballet Technique but there is nothing holding me back by law or anything, correct? I just feel if I don't continue after High School into a Ballet School I won't know what to do, besides teaching or something else in the field.

Thank you!

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  1. Mitchel

    Professional age of a young ballerina dancer is sixteen, by this age many girls start their pro ballerina careers. The reason, behind young girls entering in professional dancing is simple and logical, at this stage they are physically trained, in the art of balle dancing and their bodies are used to the tough dancing moves of the ballet dance. If you take a start now, it would be hard for you to enter in the professional field, as you cannot physically adapt to the challenges of ballet dancing.

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