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Alright, I know there's gotta be at least one person out there that can verify whether or not this is INDEED the real name of Trey from Sean Cody. If you're that person reading this, puhhhhhhlease be a lamb and do verify! or tell us the real name if that one up there is not it and his whereabouts!!! his myspace,facebook, dudesnude or all/any of the three accounts' links++++++++++++++++++++++xinfinite, THANKS IN ADVANCE!

P.S. And no, we're not some random stalkers off street... it is a perfectly NATURAL and g*y instinct to be wanting to find more about that certain cutie, be that from real life or online, so, PLEASE KEEP HATRED TO YOURSELVES if you've got any!

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  1. Guest18024287
    Um, that liar below, please ignore him. I am sure there's a sane and kind-hearted person out there that's willing to share Trey's real name and facebook address with us? Thanks :)
  2. Guest17870290
    I've had enough of this!!! Most of the models are straight men who desperately need cash and they get it in the form of $1,900 for a solo and $5,000 for bottoming. They will usually do a couple of shoots when they are flown out for the weekend, which if they are bottoming in both shoots they will get $10,000. This is a business that caters to sad lonely desperate men who want to believe in the fantasy. It is all VERY staged, it’s a PERFORANCE and we are paid to ACT, weather you want to believe that is up to you. We are given Enemas to clean the s**t out of our a*s, we then insert a butt plug inside ourselves for a few hours (extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant) to loosen up, we are then jacked up on Viagra and given strong numbing cream to rub on our a*s holes and inside our asses. When it actually comes to penetration you can’t feel anything, I even had trouble knowing when the model on top was inside me. We are also told exactly what to do from the production team, which includes which noises to make, what face expressions to use and positions to be in. Even the “behind the scenes” are scripted. Now I hope that answers any question you odd balls my have, but If any one tries to continually contact me on facebook I will REPORT YOU for STALKING offenses. I will also happily message every person on your friends list and inform them of how much you love g*y p**n and seeking out and stalking p**n stars. Everyone in my life knows what i do and what i get up to....what about the people in your life???? GET A LIFE GUYS AND STOP TRYING TO HIJACK MINE!!!!!!!

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