A wonderful construction waste disposal line

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With the second life of construction waste is excavated, waste concrete recycling and brick making technology is getting matured. As far as construction waste recycling equipment is concerned, it is no strangers to insiders. But the common stationary construction waste recycling equipment exposed some shortcomings in the actual use. At that moment, Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. took the opportunity to launch the mobile construction waste recycling equipment, which is suitable for on-site construction waste recycling. The construction waste disposal has evolved from the original landfill, road paving, etc. into the production of various building materials which as good as the natural materials. The rational use of construction waste not only protects the environment and saves resources, but also creates the new resources. But at present the construction waste utilization rate still has great space to improve, especially in the developing countries. The realization of 100% construction waste utilization rate also needs construction waste treatment technology and equipment innovation and improvement.

Hongxing Machinery Co., ltd. is China's famous construction waste processing equipment manufacturer and is also the earliest one engaging in the research and development of construction waste treatment equipment. Over the years, Hongxing strives to produce more advanced construction waste disposal equipment with reasonable structure, lower energy consumption and high efficiency. Now we have successfully developed and manufactured various types of professional construction waste recycling equipment, such as construction waste crusher, mobile construction processing equipment, mobile impact crushing plant, mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile cone crushing plant, mobile vertical shaft impact crushing plant, crawler mobile crushing plant, etc. Hongxing mobile construction waste treatment equipment is the core of the construction waste processing equipment. According to Shengtian’s requirement, Hongxing install the mobile construction waste crushing processing plant. It is a complete set of high integrated and modular crushing equipment integrating feeding, conveying, crushing and coarse crushing, intermediate crushing, fine crushing, screening, dust removing and so on many kinds of technology together. The mobile construction waste recycling equipment is flexible and convenient. The materials can be crushed on the spot and move with the movement of the raw material extraction surface, which can save a lot of infrastructure and transportation cost and provides advantages for mining operation. It gradually becomes the favor of the construction waste recycling enterprises.

All of the products manufactured by Hongxing Machinery like mobile crusher have passed the authentication of ISO9001, so the quality and service is top in the world. Welcome customers from all around the world to visit our company, thank you very much!
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