A type of common energy saving ball mill

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In ball mill turning part of the power consumed by the majority is transformed into heat dissipated. Professional experiment shows that nearly 75% of the effective power is consumed in the ore fluid, so that the ore fluid temperature rise. General wet grinding machine, ball mill exclusion of ore fluid than to mine high of five degrees to ten degrees. Another portion of the power into acoustic and radiation is consumed. For this problem remains to be studied.

The working principle of PE/PEX Jaw crusher is as follows: This series stone crusher plant adopts the electric motor as the power. The eccentric shaft is revolved by an electric motor through v-belts, which causes the swing jaw moving in the preconcert path to crush the feeding material. Thus the material will be crushed in the crushing chamber which is composed of the stationary jaw plate, swing jaw plate and the liner plate. The material will be discharged from the lower part of machine that is what you want. Aggregate jaw crusher runs and works in the similar process.

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of energy-saving ball mill; this series of ball mill is suitable for ore dressing, chemical, coal, and cement and tetractpry sectors to operate fine grinding. Bearing-type drive ball mill is a technological changing type, compared with the traditional ball mill: 15% lower operating current and reduce the starting current 50%, according to Babbitt burning, downtime, the phenomenon of stopping production, not enough to improve the ball concentricity, run instability, current fluctuated, wear serious phenomenon hollow shaft. While use of rolling bearing, the hollow shaft can continue to use, save 90% lubrication oil, improve the loading of 20%, increase production by 15%, 10% speed increase, each saving at 20%-30% power.

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