A set of household generation

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A set of household generation

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     Generater is a savious to the people who lived in electricity shortage area. However, which kind of generator is better for household? Which fuel you will use? Which kinds of generation is more secure? These are problems that we should know clearly before we buy a set of household generation.

    My house has three air-conditioners, one TV, one refrigertor, so for a normal house, if I want to buy a householed generator to meet emergency needs, which is the most economical household generator. According to the introduce of a technician, 1 kilowatt generator can only provide the electricity for daily lighting use, so a 3-5 kilowatt diesel genetator is better. This kind of generator’s cost is about 12 yuan per hour. In addition, when choosing the generator, 3kilowatt gas generator is belong to high speed generator with small volume, low noise , light weight, which is cheaper than diesel generator.

    Diesel is relatively affordable as compared to regular gasoline. Low cost in fuel means low cost in energy production. Pretty much all diesel generators consume much less fuel than those who run on gasoline. Having mentioned that , portable diesel generator are ideal for supplying power to different equipments during power interruptions since it's cost-effective.

    Safety is not a problem since among all gases, diesel is the least flammable. Another advantage is the availability of support for diesel engines. Since it's a common engine there's a lot of local mechanic or technician to repair it in case you encounter a problem .And it could parts could be easily replaced as well.

    Henan Fuguang Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a large scale joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of generator set. Our company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, CE certification and ISO1400:2004 environmental management system certification, therefore we can guarantee the international leading level of our product quality and spare no efforts to build solid foundation for the customers’ demand for high quality .

    Henan Fuguang Power Generation Equipment Co.,Ltd.possesses strong technical force and production capacity,and mainly produces diesel genset manufacturers with good quality and reasonable price.diesel generator set:


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