An itch that needs desperately scratched

by Guest6729  |  11 years ago

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Mr. Popcorn guy

I guess it goes without saying that I have exhausted my research abilities in trying to find the title to a movie I have seen in the past. It would help if my memory was not as limited. I believe the movie was made in the 50s and the opening scene took place in a courtroom with a man convicted of murder that was placed on the witness stand. He knew that once he told his story no one would believe him. The rest of the story, with few exceptions, were flashbacks to the story he was telling the courtroom. A moment before the verdict was read he jumped out the window to his demise and then a camera shot to the verdict that read not guilty. That is all the memory I have to give. If you could help in any way I would be very grateful and recognize your mad skills.


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  1. John

    Dear Matthew

    Not immediately finding anything on this... but the plot you describe sounds remarkably like something you might find on \"Twilight Zone\" or \"Alfred Hitchcock Presents.\" Are you sure this was a movie? Can you tell me anything else about it? Maybe you have seen one of the actors in some other film, perhaps? Any other info you can provide might help us scratch that itch. I need to know some other details as well, only then I can satisfy your query. Because there so many movies with the similar plot.


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