98 Chevy blazer s-10 4.3L 4x4 4 door im doing an engine swap whats the easiest way

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Im doing an engine swap on my 98 4.3 putting same type motor back in. my question is due to the location of the top bolts on the bell housing should i pull it with the tranny or fight the bolts and seperate befor I pull it.

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  1. Guest14663295
    im doing a 2000 and i just looked at those bolts, all but one are accessible from underneath i may have to cut a hole in floor to get it if not from top. if you want to pull tranny with it on a 4x4 first pull driveshafts and transfer case i may do this also

  2. Guest11661831
    Get a 350 from a 96-00 Chevy full size truck. d**n near everything is the same. You'll have to add a couple wires to the engine harness and buy available custom motor mounts. The only real fabbing is to move the radiator forward into the core support. Either get the computer that came with the V8, or any chevy dealer should be able to reflash your computer and tell it it's in a full size truck instead. Good luck
  3. Jonny Bravo
    hi there, The transmission will not interchange. The 4.3L engine uses the same trans bolt pattern as a V8 engine.. The 2.2, 2.5, 2.8, etc does not If your wanting to keep it with EFI then you will need the 4.3L engine, assery drives, belts, pulleys, engine wiring harness, computer, etc You'll need the 4.3L engine mounts as well The rad will also be diff and neeed swapping.. Truthfully you can do a carb'ed v8 swap for the same price or cheaper and it would be easier to do. bye

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