97 saab 900 s 2.3l non turbo hard to start?

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97 saab 900 s 2.3l non turbo hard to start?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi there, It almost sounds like multiple problems, some of which seem almost contradictory. For example, "dim lights" suggest low voltage, i., e., a weak or half - dead battery. But you can turn the engine over with it so it must be ok. Thus its difficult to pin down a probable cause that satisfies both observations. One possible cause would be a poor electrical connection (high resistance) in the circuitry leading to the keyswitch and thus all the control circuits, except for the high-current starting motor. But that would not generally correlate with the winter-summer observations! The second symptom, stalling out, sounds like a problem in the fuel system..fuel mixture too lean at idle when warm. So, for that I would check the various fuel delivery and control items such as temp sensors, automatic idle control valve, fuel pressure regulator, etc. I would focus on the idle control area. The one consistent observation seems to be ambient temperature; the fuel mixture is controlled to be richer at cooler that "fits". Have you the tools needed for such a checkout, including a good book? If you need specifics as to the checkout & diagnosis, I can send you mechanic's manual excerpts. Also, for an investment of $25. per year, you can subscribe to an online source of professional level info for any repair you can imagine, specific for your vehicle. Its truly complete! <> is the website. Hope this helps,

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