96 mitsubishi eclipse RS signal / brake light problem. i have a 1995 eclipse and my brake lights

by phillip  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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i have a 1995 eclipse and my brake lights dont work.I have changed the switch and i need to know what to do now.

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  1. Arslan Masaud
    hello If you can wiggle the wires where the bulb is, it works for a bit, but then something wiggles the wire so the bulb does not work. Such as going down the road or hitting bumps. So you might have to replace the wiring from the bulb to its power. I would also replace the turn signal/hazard flasher too, it could be getting weak. It is under the dash or in some models it is in the console. But also I would be checking the relays that run these lights, in with your car's engine is black boxes one or two of them. In them are relays and large fuses. Get a flashlight to check the relays as they of often than not hard to see if they are good or not. One of those relays might not be in as far as it should be and so does not always work. You need to get a repair manual for your car, in it will have wiring diagrams, so that you could follow the wiring of your lights to see where and how everything works. Most relays one runs the headlights and one runs the tail light. As your car gets older the weather and what not works against the wiring of your car. So at times you just have to fix a lot of things. But the electrical circuits are protected by a combination of fuses and fusible links. The fact that you have not blew a fuse, makes me think you have a loose wire is all. Enough so that when you hit a bump or something while driving the wire moves, so no power to the bulb so no light. Either buy that repair manual, voltmeter and fix this yourself or take the car to shop. hope it helps


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