95 corvette o2 sensor relay location. new o2 sensors, left bank still runs rich, goes to default

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new o2 sensors, left bank still runs rich, goes to default setting. could this be a o2 relay and where is the relay

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, In order for your MegaSquirt® EFI Controller to determine the amount of fuel to inject, you will need several functioning sensors: * coolant (CTS) and intake air temperature sensors (IAT), * a oxygen sensor (EGO) is highly recommended, either narrow-band or wide-band, and threaded bung, * and wiring and various connectors for the sensors, injectors, etc., In this section we will cover the requirements for these components. Note that injector wiring specifics are in the Injectors & Fuel Supply section. External Wiring Schematic (This wiring diagram is for those creating their own harness for a V2.2 main board. If you are using the Relay Board, use these diagrams. If you are using a V3 main board, use this wiring diagram.)

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