95 chevy power issue

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i have a 95 chevy k2500. i pulled the motor rebuilt it and hooked it all back up, i reconnected all the wire units to there proper hookups. i hook up my battery and i have constant power to the truck like i turned on the first click of my ignition switch. it doesn't get the terminal hot or blow any fuses. it jsut kicks in my fuel pump and some lights on the dash. when i turn the key all the way on more lights come on my dash. it engages and disengages the starter fine and starts and runs pefect. but it wont shutoff when i turn the ignition key back to off. some lights on the dash go out but not all of them, and as i stated it keeps running. i have to disconect the coil wire to shut it off. Is this a ignition problem or somethign more

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