95 accord 4cly Vtec failed smog at 3 time CP.

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95 accord 4cly Vtec failed smog at 3 time CP. HC reading 1021 ppm at 1720

rpm both hi and low speed smog test. Tech said misfired . I have 1 more

change for free retest i dont want to fail again.
I replaced new spark plugs, wire set, fuel filter, air filter, and

distributor, Replaced exhaust mag because it cracked. T belt just replaced

recently.Timing at 15 BTDC, compression test show 135 to 150 psi among 4

When DRIVING at below or around 1800rpm if i slowly accelerate engine

shaking or vibrating(MISFIRED?). but it i do fast accelerate it fine. Test

vaccum leaks with brake cleaner spray around in take manifold and hoses

still no change in rpm( No vaccum leak at lo and hi rpm). What maybe the

cause of the misfired at hi speed.Please help. By the way my accord hit 297k

miles and 2 year ago still pass smog very good. Thanks

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