95' Nissan 240SX won't start unless i pump the gas, and the engine cont. fuse blows everytime

by Guest12383004  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Any suggestions?

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  1. Leonardo
    Fuel pumps can start overheating when you go below 1/4 tank on most model vehicles. I dont think it would be your fuel pump, since you can get it to start for a few seconds. When you turn on your key right before you start it is when the fuel pump prime the fuel line. If your fuel pump wasnt workin, then you woulda been able to start it once or maybe turn over a few times, then you would get nothing but a dry turnover sound. Sounds like you arent getting enough fuel to the engine. Id go with the fuel filter first, since its the easiest and cheapest. If anything it might just be some bad gas or some plugged fuel injectors maybe. Also you should be able if youn listen carefully(might take 2 people), you might be able to hear your fuel pump prime. Put someone in the back under the car by the gas tank and just turn the key where all the bells and whistles come on, the part right before it turns over. They should be able to hear it. It is only a few secs of noise. Prob 5 max. I never timed it though. Hope is your fuel filter. Best o luck.

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