93 Civic Si won't give spark, and won't turn on fuel pump

by Guest11367150  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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93 Civic Si won't give spark, and won't turn on fuel pump

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  1. Arslan Masaud
    Hello When you turn the ignition to the start position does it do anything? Does it click, lights come on, anything, or nothing? Sounds to me like this is an electrical issue somewhere in the car. Start by inspecting all engine grounds and make sure they are connected. There should be 3 under the hood. Check all fuses, under hood and interior with a test light to verify proper functionality. Then pull the lower back seat and inspect all connections at the fuel pump. Check for power at the fuel pump too. The fuel pump has a relay that could be causing the problem as well. After doing all that you are gonna have to take the car to an electrical diagnostic specialties shop for some diagnostic time but they should be able to pinpoint the problem. Hope it helps

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