89 nissan 240sx doesn't start. recently my Nissan 240sx dies on me,i thought it was the fuel pump

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recently my Nissan 240sx dies on me,i thought it was the fuel pump so i replaced it and i checked the fuel pump relay and it was good than i tried to start and the car would not start than i noticed that the engine control fuse had burn out so i replaced that again and this time i started the car and it start,so i driven the car around about two blocks than it dies again,so i keep putting a new engine control fuses and it burn out all those fuses that i try to replaces it.Can any one tell me what is the problems? i replaced a new ignition coil,distributor cap, spark plug wires,fuel pump and still not getting any sparks from the plugs.Could it be the computer box that causes this? please help me,i need you guys opinions on this, i would appreciate very much! my name is Sam.

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  1. Guest9880876
    my head light dont go down anymore, on my 89 nissan 240sx. is there a fues for this problem. and were is it located.

  2. Guest9173984
    I found the problem,its my coil sensor located near the coil on the 240sx,its bad and i also clean all my ground,

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