74 marks pe jit borawan milega???

by chakkarwarsiddhurocks  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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74 marks pe jit borawan milega???

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  1. Guest18945815
    yes it is right if you have 1 mark in mp pet then,then you can easily got jit borawan,they made the education such kind of business,and the 4 year you spent that almost let into a deep s**t.....jit,borawan is in the category of worst colleges

  2. Guest11482277
    If your searching for JIT borawan(MP), please dont go there, try some other college, it was the worst college of the area. With lots of Gundagardi, no placement, no assistant, no good food, and many more reason, it was also located in a remote village.
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