50s post-apocalypse movie title.

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The plot revolves around a miner who survives a cave-in under a city, and when he digs himself out finds that he is the only person in the city. He fixes up a hotel and dresses up mannequins to keep himself company. One day he knocks one mannequin off the balcony, and when it lands he hears a woman scream (she thought he jumped). They become friends and there is sexual tension, but race keeps them apart. Then another man arrives by boat, and the two men end up fighting over the woman. In the end, they make up, and receive a radio signal from around the world. Do you know the name of movie? Can someone tell me the name of that movie?

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    Yep it do, but because I saw the previews. I didn't see the movie, and can't remember than name of it or the actors in it. If you can guess at some of the names of actors that may have been in it, you can go to and search under names, and put in those actors' names, and you can get a list of the movies they have made, and a short plot description. I hope this will help you in finding the title of movie you are looking for.

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