Title of a 50s Movie.

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I have watched this movie in my young age and all I know is it is a black and white movie, a woman is in a hotel room and calling a suicide hotline. The movie is all about her on the phone talking about the point that led up to this decision. I want to know the title of this movie. Can someone tell me that?

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    there was only one movie I saw with this plot and it was The Slender Thread.

    It is a 1965 film starring Anne Bancroft and Sidney Poitier. It was the first character duration film directed by Academy Award-winning director, producer & actor Sydney Pollack. Poitier's personality is Alan, a Seattle college pupil the volunteering at a emergency call center. At the beginning of his evening shift, Alan receives a call from a lady dubbed Inga (Bancroft's character) who says she has just removed a lethal dose of pills and hopes to confer to someone ago she dies. The story queue chases the exertions of Alan, a psychiatrist (played by Telly Savalas) and a detective (played by Ed Asner) to locate the lady and her husband (played by Steven Hill of Law & Order fame).
    The film was promoted by a Life Magazine article by Shana Alexander about actual occasions and partly shot on place in Seattle, Washington.
    This film is recorded for the physical tracing of the call to locate Inga (Bancroft) ago she dies. Throughout the film, the call is traced via hand through a figure of electro-mechanical phone interior office switches which leads to the hotel where Inga was staying (Red Lion) near the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.
    It was a good movie and one of my favorite and I hope that you got your answer by this.

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