5000000000 federal reserve bond 1934 series

by Mohammad Asim  |  8 years, 12 month(s) ago

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my friend have bond now we wnt to know about it all details
what is its worth
who want to buy




  1. Guest27924816

     We got  500,000,000,00  FRB 1934 series 4  so any one know about that ?


  2. Guest27882093

     I have several mother box FRB 1934 series in indonesia, we want to change with the real paper, who can help ? 

  3. Guest27879857

     I Have: 1) FRN Chicago, Illinios, USD500M each, serial numbers begin G776######A.

    2)FRN / JP Morgan, USD100K each, serial numbers begin  B 00333333A.

    Interested, pls email me:

  4. Guest27804143

     just for the fun of it, if you have the black box, send me an email with the pic of the item...may be we can arrange

  5. Guest27309034

    I got FRB box G& series of 1934 with
    Box no. 77647701
    Serial no. G77647702A
    SG no. 6256-04
    PD no. G37-62A
    I also got WELLS FARGO,

    contact me if interested

  6. Guest27247863

    i also have 3 FRB box for sale.please contact me.


  7. Guest26454719

    <p>FEDERAL RESERVE BOND SERIES 1934</p> <p>H192666A</p> <p>SAC.CODE:2466-48</p> <p>P.D.26-14</p> <p>SERIES OF 1934 PROPERT OF USA</p> <p>our bonds is would be engraved and printed on the sane cotton as US banknotes,and NEVER on watermarked bond #:09465009876 &amp; 09195865718.</p> djeselie25@yahoo.


  8. Guest25910371

    i have a real frb box if someone want the real...visit my hotmail u can see how real it is and contact me if u hav a buyer 09465009876 dont hesitate if u really enterested come visit my country at general santos city...


  9. Guest25003730

    Yes. I am interested.

  10. Guest25003684

     Yes. I am interested. But i need to know all email addresses where this is concerned.

  11. Guest23570294

    I am interested in TOV, FRB, and WElls Fargo boxes.  Please e-mail direct at

  12. Guest23097180

    Hello..I also have the G7 bond with me...Have been trying to sell them since 2007...anyone interested....?...I can give full detail if anybody interested....they look so genuine but to me...

  13. Guest22080420

    i found an frb of chicago small box g7 series 1934 box # 77647701 serial#G77647702A sc#6256-04 pd#G37-62A it was made of bronze or something like gold,sealed and dont know how to open because theres no opening on it.weighs around 7 to 8 it real?

  14. Guest20749129
    I got 2piece of it US500000000 series1934 C05124274A-78A C250A 3 MCKINLEY FACE brown lether sheet if anyone interested kindly contact me email. Hp 017-3835385 malaysian nomber
  15. Guest19962006
    I have FRB 1934 boxes. I am interested to sell.
  16. Guest19495591
    yes, we're interested in these Boxes. do you still have it?
  17. Guest19036763
    i also have one ...anyone need it
  18. Guest15538041
    Our company can enter them into a PPP, provided the bond is real (subject to verification through the FED).
  19. Guest11401651
    Serial Number G771174958A is this original Federal Reserve bond 1934 series?
  20. Guest11131708
    We got 50000000 federal reserve bond 1934 series also anyone interested?
  21. Guest10704479
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